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Atwater Takes Step in Cannabis Business Authorization


ATWATER, CA –Atwater frontrunners are working their way to take another step to allow the cannabis business in town, although several of these leaders have conveyed their dislike for the substance.

Atwater frontrunners banned the cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensaries of marijuana in the city last year. Ever since, the city staffers are trying to come up with a new order that can help undo the cannabis ban and possibly produce new proceeds for the town.

Acting City Director Scott McBride asked leaders on Monday to offer clarity on the issue. He said that it is possible for leaders to look at the ordinances of other cities to give them some idea. But he also emphasized that Atwater’s local laws need to be sensible for the community.

Voters approved Proposition 64 way back in November; this allows the use of recreational marijuana to be authorized for customers 21 years old and above.

Each city can choose whether to permit cannabis dispensaries and substance manufacturing. For example, Merced City came up with a decision to permit four dispensaries to operate in the city last year.

“If there weren’t a possible sum of money in it, I would vote no all the way,” says Councilwoman Cindy Vierra.

In recent years, Atwater has struggled financially and is in fact, dealing with a general fund debt of $2.8 million, according to city staffers.

Atwater is currently foreseeing to charge dues on canopy plant by square footage, and costs to make related investigations on workforces at marijuana businesses.

Leaders have also made it clear that cannabis businesses shouldn’t be exposed to the city’s retail-heavy lanes and downtown.

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In spite of this, few of the city’s frontrunner and business owners are still hesitant in permitting dispensaries, indicating the security issues although they also see potential revenue.

In line with this, Atwater Mayor Jim Price said, “the safety of this sort of things need to be taken very seriously.”

The mayor stated that the most vital aspect the town has to consider is its protection and safety, he said that it is a necessity for the city to have armed guards situated in any site that sells commercial cannabis.



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