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The Benefits of Using a Bong

Benefits Bong

Bongs are great for a variety of reasons, but they are not perfect. You will have to buy one, and fancy bongs can be quite expensive. You’ll also need a place to store it, and — depending on your housing situation — you might have to hide it.

Finally, you’ll also need to worry about proper hygiene. Bongs need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, especially if you are sharing them with other people.

However, if you can get past all of those barriers, there are plenty of great things a bong can do for you. Here’s how having a bong can make smoking weed more fun.

1 – Smoother hits

As far as smoking goes, nothing will give you a smoother hit than a good bong. In its essence, a bong is a filtration device, which runs the smoke of burnt cannabis through water in order to remove some of the toxins produced by the combustion. That allows you to inhale less tar and more of the plant’s essence, leading to a smoother hit.

On top of filtering the smoke, bongs also cool the smoke down. As a result, bong smoke is much less likely to irritate your mouth or the back of your throat, and inhaling it feels very different from smoking weed.

2 – A healthier alternative

Don’t be mistaken: bongs are not healthy. Sending smoke into your lungs is almost always bad, which means that bongs, bubblers, and pipes are all damaging your lungs in one way or another. Vaping doesn’t use smoke since there is no combustion, but there are health concerns associated with weed vapor as well.

However, while bongs are not healthy, they are healthier than purely smoking the weed. The cool smoke irritates the body less, and the water does help filter out some of the toxics. It also filters out bacteria that might have been in the weed.

3 – Take massive hits

Speaking of health, bongs allow you to do something enjoyable and unhealthy. A good bong is one of the few ways in which you can take a massive hit of weed.

All you have to do is fill it up with smoke, and then inhale as much as you want, or can. If you are looking to get very high very fast, this is a good way to do it.

4 – Easy to use

While smoking weed is often the approach taken by beginners, bongs are one of the most beginner-friendly options available. You don’t have to worry about rolling a joint, the bong itself is easy to use and maintain, and the filtered cold smoke makes it a more pleasant experience for people who aren’t used to smoking.

The only thing easier than a bong is eating an edible, but edibles can take a long time to be effective. The next time you’re introducing a friend to marijuana, consider using a bong.

5 – Pieces of art

Bongs are often made out of glass, which is a very versatile material. This means that you can find bongs in all shapes of sizes, including some very exotic and beautiful varieties.

This allows you to display your bong as decoration, hide it as a plant vase, or use it as a conversation starter at parties and social gatherings. If the latter makes you anxious, try using some of Cibdol’s CBD before you go meet your friends. CBD is often used to treat anxiety.

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