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How many drops of CBD oil should I take?


It is one of the most frequently asked questions from people. According to them, there should be a uniform amount that must be satisfactory to reach the desired goal of medicinal or health help. However, the story is different.

You must be well-aware of the health benefits that come along with the consumption of CBD oil. It is also to inform you that a fluctuation in dosage might not help you reach our goal of treatment.

It can be a tedious task to calculate the appropriate dosage for you as the FDA hasn’t authorized a legal and recommended dosage list. Anyhow, here’s how we thought of bringing some help in this regard to you:

What is CBD oil dosage?

In order to maximize the effects of any drug, it is necessary to maintain a proper dosage form. In the same way; in the case of CBD, it is necessary to consider the right dosage to reach the required target.

Although, as we made it clear before, there is no recommended allowed dosage from the FDA, so to reach better outcomes, it is somehow up to you.

CBD oils or tinctures are provided in different potencies. To find the one that might suit both, your routine and requirement, you need to see the factors and dosage calculations that are mentioned below.

What should be the factors to consider?

Normally, the basic factor to consider for the administration of any medicinal aid is the requirement for it. When you go pas that step, you need expert advice regarding the dosing and repetition of that particular item, whether a drug or supplement.

There could be an impact of surrounding and for some people; peer pressure, that might have led them to the consumption of CBD.

Nevertheless, the amount of CBD a person from your neighborhood is consuming, might not be the same amount you will require. Here is how you can walk through this concern:

Condition for treatment

This is a directly proportional relationship. The severity of the condition determines the amount of CBD that will be required to overcome it.

For example, people suffering from anxiety or chronic pain will require a higher dosage. At the same time, initial stages of pain and controllable stress states might require minimal amounts.

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Tolerance towards CBD

This part can be of your concern if you have been consuming CBD for a long time now. People who have been consuming it for long might develop tolerance towards it.

Tolerance can be defined as the pharmacological concept that states the reduction of effects of any substance (drug or supplement), with continued usage. To counter such an effect, you might require higher doses and reach an optimal state.


This refers solely to the amount of CBD being delivered through any Zilis products. Now, this is very different from dosage. It is measured in milligrams (mg) and indicated the quantity of CBD per serving.

However, the dosage is the concentration of CBD required. It is mostly adjoined with administration and time of drug/ supplement.

Amount of drops/ size of the dropper

Based on the previous usage information on the sites, they suggest the consumption of 1 ml or 20 drops. However, we disagree. We instead recommend to find out drops in 1 ml of CBD oil that you’re administering. It can be done by considering the formula given later on, in the article.


This is a very important factor to consider before getting your hands onto any CBD oil or tincture. Bodyweight has a huge impact on the determination of dosage. Based on your weight, your dosage can be increased or decreased.

The chart below gives a rough idea of what to consider before going for a dose by all yourself:

Severity Bodyweight
  >241 lbs 151 – 240 lbs 86 – 150 lbs 46 – 85 lbs 26 – 45 lbs <25 lbs
Severe 45 mg 27 mg 18 mg 15 mg 12 mg 9 mg
Medium 30 mg 22.5 mg 15 mg 12 mg 9 mg 6 mg
None/mild 22.5 mg 18 mg 12 mg 9 mg 6 mg 4.5 mg

What is the percentage dosage formula?

Here is the equation that you might like to consider for further help:

Percentage = Weight/Severity ÷ (CBD amount in bottle ÷ ml in a bottle)

Suggested (ml) = ml in dropper x percentage

Suggested (drops) = drops in dropper x percentage

How long will it stay in your body?

According to our recommendation, the dosage should last for about 6 to 8 hours in your body. This means, after every 6 to 8 hours, you will have to consume another dose based on the factors above.

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After putting all the required information in the dosage calculator, find out how long will your tincture last.

How do I select the mode of administration?

When we talk about administration, we talk about all sorts of ways CBD is consumed. It concerns the people who consume it sublingually, vape it or use a topical. Sublingual administration is the most preferred way, at the same time, it helps CBD Oil Calgary reach the bloodstream faster.

This is made possible as the area just beneath the tongue (ventral surface of tongue + floor of the mouth) ensure rapid absorption and delivery.

So, it is impossible to idealize one mode of administration, as nevertheless how potent which mode or administration is, the only thing that concerns us and should concern you as well, are the milligrams. Yes, the milligrams that you are consuming per serving are the only topic of interest.

Therefore, no matter if you consume it sublingually, vape it, smoke in CBD-dominant cannabis or simple consume edible forms, the only thing to consider is the milligrams or in other words, the concentration.

What can be the possible side effects?

  • Change in appetite
  • Gaining/Loss of weight
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

Final Words

According to the description above, it was made clear that the drops you should consume can be figured out with a simple formula, however, the main concern should be the concentration of CBD oil that comes in it. Therefore, it is safe to say, that the drops you need to consume rely on the factors mentioned above and not on the mode of administration or fancy counting. If you are well-aware of all the basics of the factors, you can easily determine the amount that will essentially benefit you or you may learn more about CBD.