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What Is My Favorite Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry Herb Vaporizer

The world of vaping is getting serious attention in recent years. Today, we can boast of a plethora of brands producing vaporizers for all needs. But then, did we just stop smoking our dry herb and instead vape it?

Yes, there are vaporizers for dry herbs. Many will assume that vaping is only meant for concentrates. But did you know that you could get a vaporizer for your cannabis dry herb? Or what dry herb would you like to vape?

Dry herb vaporizers give you a smooth experience. How?

As compared to smoking, vaporizers remove the aspect of having to burn your dry herb. Instead, it is heated to release all the goodies that you will need to inhale. What is more, you will be inhaling less carbon than when burning the herb.

Now that vaping is fast going mainstream; there is a vast range of options to choose from when buying a dry herb vaporizer. If you are new to the scene, you may get spoilt for choice or, even worse, confused.

But not today, we shall be looking at my best dry herb vaporizer. How did I pick my needles from the haystack?

I pursued a wide range of vaporizers and filtered my search to only include dry herb vaporizers. I then took out to the vast online space to see what people said about every shortlist possibility. In particular, I looked at well respected dry herb vape review websites such as Green Society. My best dry herb vaporizer stems from an intensive online scrutiny of reviews and opinions from vaping moguls online.

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I then looked at the pricing, material, design, versatility, durability, and customization. So, what did I come with?

The Dr. Dabber Switch dry herb vaporizer

Yes, Dr. Dabber Switch came out on top in every aspect that you may want to look out for in the best dry herb vaporizer. Noticeably is the versatility with this device- you can vape dry herb or concentrates as you wish.

You will not need a second vaporizer for concentrates. That is the main highlight and the cutting edge of the Switch.

Let us look at its other building blocks.

First, out of the box, you will get

  • Dr Dabber Switch
  • Glass bubbler
  • One black + a white ceramic induction cup
  • Dab tool/carb cap
  • Silicone wax container
  • Tweezers + ceramic flower filter

Aesthetics and quality

The 10-inch vaporizer weighs around one and a half pounds and is wrapped in seductive black. Its hourglass shape is one to love. The Switch comes with ceramic induction cups. However, you can separately buy compatible cups made of quartz, silicon carbide, or even sapphire. The battery power here is insane. How about 150+ hits on a single charge?


I would vouch for the Dr Dabber switch because of how seamless it is to use. The Switch comes with a comprehensive and easy to follow manual.

Its functionality has two modes- regular and an advanced mode. Of course, the advanced mode will need some schooling with the heat presets.

The regular mode will need you to switch on the divide by activating either the herb or concentrate mode at the bottom. Click on the leaf sign to switch it to dry herb or oil drop for concentrates.

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The other buttons are (+) to the right and (-) to the left. A middle button with the Dr Dabber logo is the go button. How do you efficiently use the device?

After selecting the dry herb mode, and adding your flower, click on the (+) or (-) to check the temperature settings. You can adjust by holding to either for about five seconds. When ready, hit the go button and voila! There you go- a red light to tell you that the device is heating up. You will be prepared to draw in the vape immediately the light goes green.

As easy as that. You will love the experience, especially after learning the heating ropes with time. The Switch is among the best, well-built dry herb vaporizers with proven durability in the market today.