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The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre: CBD Products

CBD Products

The CBD market is becoming increasingly saturated of all kinds of products. The manufacturers are demonstrating a lot of creativity when it comes to their formulations and product type ideas. While CBD oil or CBD capsules are some of the most standard or conventional types, there are things like CBD-coated toothpicks, CBD-infused hand sanitizers, and even toilet paper! Let’s have a look at some of the most bizarre CBD products available on the market today.

Bath Melts

They contain additional flower scents, creating a tantalizing aroma. Users simply place the blocks in their bath and relax as their skin becomes cleansed and nourished. Bath Melts are handmade and consist of CBD, natural oils, and kinds of butter.


CBD is combined with vanilla extract, cocoa butter, and chocolate to produce this indulgent treat. None of the ingredients is industrially processed, and the limited sugar decreases the risk of decayed teeth. 20mg of CBD is generally used per 10g of chocolate. Eating CBD chocolate can promote improved mood cycles and lengthen one’s sleep due to its relaxing properties.

Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial sanitizer and creams have been essential during this period of isolation in one’s efforts to tackle Covid-19. The CBD-infused sanitizer is also antibacterial and leaves hands clean and soft. It is a non-intoxicating product which additionally uses aloe vera for its healing properties. Most sanitizers contain 10mg of CBD.

Chewing Gums

Most gums only contain 5mg of CBD, but certainly, pack a punch. The gums are biodegradable and void of artificial sugar. The peppermint flavour masks the hempy aftertaste. Experts recommend consuming no more than 70mg of CBD per day. Gum is able to enter the bloodstream quicker than inhalation through vapes.

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Lip Balms

Chapped lips can be extremely frustrating and make one’s lips feel sore. Some balms on the market worsen the situation as they dry out lips quickly. CBD balms contain citrus, beeswax, and vitamin E to ensure sufficient moisturization. It can create a buzzy sensation, which many users consider to be pleasing. Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body, including one’s lips. These balms can protect the spreading of bacteria on the skin.

Face Oils

CBD may be useful in acne treatment, but face oils are temperamental. There is a chance that CBD could cause irritation to the face, resulting in blemishes, patches, and minor scarring. The labels on these products are sometimes untruthful, which means users need to take a leap of faith to trust that the percentage levels of CBD in the oil are accurate.

CBD and Turmeric Creams

Turmeric is a reliable antiseptic to treat wounds, but it stains very easily. Creams that are put on the skin could lead to irremovable discoloration. CBD and Turmeric contain compatible compounds, but users are more prone to experiencing dizziness, diarrhea, and abnormal heart rhythms when combined.


CBD in lube causes “vaginal highness”, in which the walls throb in a pleasurable motion. CBD-infused lube can minimize vaginal irritation, increase sexual appetite, and regenerate skin. Flavoured lube can also encourage “rapid highness” because the CBD particles are incredibly small and absorb easily into the bloodstream.


These CBD-infused toothpicks come in a variety of exciting flavours, such as passionfruit and mango mint. They are used as a sort of wooden gum, rather than getting rid of food stuck in your teeth. The chewing process activates the oil, which in turn works to limit tooth pain before spreading around the body.

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Toilet Paper

The criteria for usable toilet paper is generally low, but additional hemp promises to add extra pizzazz to your experience. The paper is very soft, environmentally-friendly, and consists of renewable hemp fibres. This is a natural alternative to keep one’s private parts protected and nourished.