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Why LA’s Latest Craze is with Cannabis-Infused Topicals in Marijuana Consumption

Cannabis-Infused Topicals

The widespread use of cannabis over recent years in Los Angeles, known as LA, has spurred questions in the hearts of many. Prior, cannabis use included remedies for several health conditions, which you could eat, smoke, or vape. 

Today, cannabis appears as a mainstream elixir, as it now comes in a topical form. Supporters claim that cannabis-infused creams and balms treat pain, inflammation, acne, skin infections, and even cancer. 

Here we will explore in-depth the components of cannabis-infused topicals that may produce these effects. Further, this can help to explain its significance as a necessary commodity in a weed dispensary.

What are Cannabis-Infused Topicals?

Cannabis-Infused topicals include creams, balms, lotions, oils, salves, and sprays that contain cannabis. Although the use of cannabis-infused topicals is not very common, they have several therapeutic potentials, like skincare, first aid, and cosmetics. 

The healing properties of these products connect to the unique phytochemicals in cannabis plants. These include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary psychoactive component of the plant that produces the “high” effect that intake of cannabis is known for producing. 

Research shows CBD, the second major component of cannabis, is potent for treating inflammation. As a result, it can also treat acne and other skin conditions. However, you can experience this effect of THC only when you take cannabis oral products. 

There are specific skin receptors called cannabinoid receptors (endocannabinoid receptor system – ECS). These receptors regulate inflammation in the skin, and cannabinoids can engage them to act on the skin. Evidence suggests that these receptors also aid sebum production, which is the natural oil that the skin produces. 

CBD oil, a mixture of CBD and carrier oil, has also become famous for cosmetic and medical purposes. You can use it in various ways, including direct topical application, adding the oil to your cream, or placing a drop under your tongue. 

Uses Of Cannabis Topicals

Since ancient times, people have applied cannabis to the skin to alleviate certain medical conditions. For example, in ancient China and some European regions, along with other cultures, people sometimes used cannabis poultice as a topical therapy for wounds. 

The ancient Egyptians used cannabis flowers together with honey to lessen the pain of childbirth. In modern times, cannabis topical treats: 


Acne is a skin condition most people battle. Research reveals that CBD can help regulate the cells in the human body that produce sebum, preventing it from making excess amounts. 

Another study reveals that CBD, along with THC, has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties. Specifically, this makes it perfect for reducing oil and inflammation to help improve acne. Therefore, it becomes a valuable remedy for wounds, burns, abrasions, arthritis, and infections as a curative and powerful antiseptic solution. 

Pain Relief

Topical cannabis is also known as a potent analgesic. Studies indicate that many medical cannabis patients prefer cannabis to pain-relief pills. If you are suffering from muscle strain or arthritis, topical cannabis can help reduce the pain that comes with these ailments. However, studies do not reveal the degree of pain it can handle. 


Cannabinoids are potent antioxidants. In other words, they act as a shield against the activities of free radicals. Free radicals usually leave their prints on the skin, like fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, many cosmetic companies are digging into the potential of cannabinoids to produce creams, lotions, and other relevant products.


Cannabis-infused topicals are becoming more rampant in LA by the day, and you can find them in almost any weed dispensary. However, cannabis-infused topicals may not be cure-all solutions. You may have to seek alternatives if they are not producing the desired results. 

Also, cannabis-infused topicals may have adverse effects, so do well to make sufficient inquiry in the cannabis dispensary before you buy.

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