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Can You Tell If A Seed Is Male Or Female?

Cannabis Seed

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, sex is crucial, only female seed develops flowers, which are the buds you may have in your cache right now. When it comes to cannabis cultivation, the seed might be male, female, or hermaphrodites. Female cannabis plants generate the resin-secreting flower, while males produce little pollen sacs towards the base of the leaves.

Female Cannabis Plant’s essential components


Cannabis plants will begin to exhibit indicators of being male or female after about six weeks. If you see a plant sprouting round balls towards the base of a branch, those are male plant pollen sacks.


The pistil is made up of the stigma and the ovule. It exclusively appears on female cannabis plants. The stigma is a female plant component that resembles an antenna. It aims to aid in the pollination of the plant. When the plant is fully developed, these will turn orange, and when matured, they will be covered with a sticky resin.

The Blossom

The female flowers are high in tetrahydrocannabinol and should be smoked. Growers keep male cannabis plants separate from female cannabis plants because when the females are fertilized, they will spend their energy-generating seeds rather than blossoms. The blossoms become larger and more colorful as time passes. In the second stage of a plant’s life, known as the blossoming stage

Male cannabis plant parts


The pollen sacs form and bear seeds at the nodes, which represent an important component of the male plant’s morphology. On seedlings, nodes grow in opposite pairs and divide the stem at the point where lateral branches emerge.

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The stem, also known as the stalk, is usually hollow and serves as the foundation for the growth of leaves. The stem’s job as a link to the leaves is to transport water, minerals, and other nutrients throughout the plant.

Leaves from a fan

These huge, projecting leaves can be seen on five to nine different plants. The goal of fan leaves is to aid photosynthesis, which is the process through which light energy is converted to chemical energy.


Hermaphrodites have both male and female flowers, so they will produce buds as well as pollinate those buds and the rest of your plants. Male and female plants can both turn hermaphrodites naturally or as a result of stress.

Thai strains have a stronger genetic predisposition to become hermaphrodites, but any strain can flip if sufficiently challenged. Many factors can stress your plants and cause them to turn, including too much or too little light when they should be in the night cycle, too much or too little water, specific insects or pathogens, watering with cold water, or even a badly done transplant.

Identifying if a seed is male or female

If you only have a handful of seeds, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish which ones are male or female. The only accurate way to determine the gender of a plant is to put some seeds and then wait. After a few weeks, it will pre-flower or produce a little blossom in the crux of a branch. The emergence of pistillate, which is wispy and often white, is one of the earliest signals that your cannabis plant is female. Sexing cannabis plants is the process of distinguishing between male and female cannabis plants.

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Male and female weed plants are easily differentiated since they are notably different. Planting regular seeds have advantages and downsides; feminized plants produce significantly higher yields because no male plants are produced. Feminized seeds have not undergone a completely natural process to turn female, which may affect the quality of your cannabis.