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Tips To Grow Quality Cannabis


Cannabis has become the most in-demand industry in the world, and everyone is interested in growing them. Growing weeds is not a tough job, and anyone can do it easily, like growing a regular plant. But a rapidly grown and healthy plant doesn’t mean it can produce high-quality buds. Even some experienced growers struggle to achieve high-quality buds.

Cannabis is commonly grown but only the highest quality buds and give you the most values of your time, efforts and energy. The taste of Colombian coffee is altered from the Brazilian one or Costa Rica the same is with cannabis. Several factors are involved in achieving the quality of buds, and the environment is one of them.

One of the main things to consider before starting anything is to decide whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors? Growing indoor means your plants are better protected, in a controlled environment and pretty much everything is in the cultivators’ hands. But growing a huge quantity is more expensive indoors as you have to drain a lot of money in electricity bills to keep control over everything.

On the other hand, growing cannabis outdoors offers many benefits. You can enjoy freely growing plants in plenty of space, free sunshine, pleasant rainwater, and natural ventilation. Above all growing plants in natural elements is irreplaceable. But, outdoor plants means uncontrollable pests and insects in extreme hot and cold climates.

Indoor vs outdoor debate is long and complicated, but when your main concern is quality, indoor controlled environment is better. Controlled temperature, humidity, light, and c02 can play a vital role in growing buds with high THC level top of the line products. But how to grow quality cannabis? Let’s dig in

1.    Start with the Top of the Line Seeds

The most delightful cuisine can only be achieved by using quality ingredients. The same is for cannabis; high-quality buds can only be achieved by high-quality seeds. Many clone seeds can easily be found in the market, and they will be cheap too, but they can’t provide desired results. Also make sure you are using feminized seeds, which are only able to produce medical cannabis.

2.    Don’t Compromise on Soil

The most important factor involved in producing quality buds is the availability of certain nutrients.  Poor quality soil can cause deficiencies right from the beginning, which can enhance with time and destroy the quality of buds. To make sure you are going to harvest the finest quality buds, make use of quality organic soil because it is full of nutrients and doesn’t require many amendments during the whole growing cycle.

3.    Fertilizers and Boosters

Using unnecessary fertilizers can cause more harm than good. Using premium quality organic soil is sufficient to provide the necessary nutrition and keep the quality of buds. Some growers go for synthetic products to maintain healthy buds. But before using any of the products, you should test the soil for deficiency, to determine whether the fertilizer is required. Excess or unnecessary nutrients and burn the roots or damage the plant.

4.    Bright Light is Necessary

We all studied how photosynthesis works in the biology class. It’s time to utilize that knowledge for something useful. To survive and thrive, plants need energy that is produced when the light hits the green leaves. If you think any light can do the job, think again, not all sources of light can provide desired results. To achieve frostiest and high-quality buds, you need to use HPS and LEDs. Strong and bright lights work like magic in improving the potency and quality of the buds.

5.    Keep up the Airflow and Ventilation

Another important factor that contributes to the quality buds is airflow. The damp and stagnant environment can not only slow down the growth, affect the quality of the buds but also invites mounds. Ventilation systems can help in maintaining the airflow and keep plants thriving. Fresh air also brings natural co2, which is an essential component for the plants growing needs and quality buds.

6.    Keep an Eye on Humidity

Humidity is another important factor to consider in achieving high-quality buds and often ignored. But what is the right percentage of humidity to achieve high-quality buds? During the flowering phase of the growing cycle, plants need less humidity, around 40%. A low level of humidity also prevents mold formation. The level of humidity should be decreased by 5 % when the plants are under lights.

7.    Provide Sufficient C02

The availability of co2 is not an issue when you grow outdoors in a natural environment. But indoor plants and be deprived of co2, which is essential for the photosynthesis process. The plants will not be able to absorb light and convert it into energy. They can suffer slow growth or low-quality buds. But growing indoors also gives you an advantage of controlling co2 levels, and by providing a higher level of co2 than the natural environment, you can speed up the growing process. The higher level of co2 can also increase the level of THC in the buds, which measures the quality of buds.

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