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Why The Vape Shop Still Matters

Vape Shop

Who knows where vaping would be without the vape shop. A crucial part of so many communities, vape shops have an integral role to play in the modern high street. They’re one of the busiest types of retailers going and give smokers a face to face opportunity to quit their habit. Along with all this, vape shops sustain the vaping community with a place to socialise, discuss their favourite flavours and experiment with other e-liquids. Here are a few reasons why we think vaping shops still matter.


Nobody could have predicted just how much a sense of community would be needed this year. With everything that’s happened, it’s never been more important to engage with others and form deep connections. If you’re a vaper and you feel like you’re missing out on that community, the vape shop is where you need to go. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded people and you definitely won’t be short of conversation.


We’ve all been there – being stuck on the same vape for weeks and weeks without taking that jump into another flavour. You’ll realise when you step into your first vape shop just how much choice there is out there in the vaping world. With hundreds and hundreds of flavours, vaporisers and other vaping gear available, there’s simply no replacement for what’s on offer in a vape shop.

A helping hand

Breaking into vaping at first can be tricky. There’s so much lingo out there that it’s understandable that many people feel entirely overwhelmed by the different e-liquid types. Fortunately, there is an answer. Vape shops are the perfect places to get some face to face vaping advice from the experts themselves. If your vaporiser isn’t working or you’re struggling to clean your tank properly, pop down to your local shop for a chat.

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Have a taste

As we’ve said before, there are hundreds of different e-liquids out there. The reality is that you’re not going to like every e-liquid, so the best way to find your favourite is by jumping headfirst into the massive amount of tastes that are out there! The vape shop is the perfect place to get this done, with a variety of flavours in shortfill, longfill and standard vaping bottles. We remember having that first taste of T-Juice’s Red Astaire and being blown away. That feeling of finding a new special vape can’t be beaten.

We all know how tough a year it’s been for small, independent vaping shops, which have seen their businesses decimated by the pandemic. That’s why it’s more important than ever to remember just how much these small businesses mean to ordinary people.