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The Many Ways to Consume CBD

Consume CBD

Not only does CBD come in many forms, but it also has many benefits and applications. Combine that with the recent popularity of the product, and the result is what you might have expected: people have started adding CBD to everything. From pizzas to beauty products, are you up to date on the many ways CBD is being consumed these days?

1 – CBD on the skin

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This is actually one of the properties that earn the substance the biggest amount of positive press, as athletes and fitness professionals from around start to test and endorse the substance for its ability to help with workout pain and treat injuries and chronic conditions.

These same anti-inflammatory properties, combined with the wealth of nutrients often found in full-spectrum CBD oil, makes the substance an attractive active agent for beauty products, especially ones that seek to combat skin inflammation and other similar skin maladies.

2 – Eating CBD

Of the many types of CBD of products in the marketing, two are the most important for this segment: CBD oil, and CBD isolates. They are important here, because they both have plenty of culinary applications.

CBD isolate in particular is perfect for cooking and baking. Isolate comes in dust form, is tasteless, and can be very potent, allowing you to make all sorts of CBD treats. Including bread, cakes, brownies, chocolate, gummy bears, jam, and whatever else your heart desires.

Meanwhile, CBD oil retains the substance’s earthly taste, a taste that is appreciated by many and speaks to the oil’s herbal origins. You can cook and use it for the many of the same culinary projects you’d use isolate on, but mixing oil with other substances can be complicated. More often, CBD oil is simply sprayed on top of a completed dish, in order to complement the taste and let the people eating the meal enjoy the relaxing effect that CBD has on people. CBD oil can be added or sprayed to any type of food, including pizza, hamburgers, pasta, salads, and it can even enrich your nacho bowl.

When ingested with food, CBD often takes longer to kick in than with other methods. But the calming effects of the substance also last longer when CBD is ingested, making this a good option for people looking to stay calm throughout their day without having to constantly get redose.

3 – Drinking CBD

CBD oil and tinctures are the stars when it comes to consuming in drinks and beverages. Right now, the three most consumed beverages in the world are water, tea, and coffee — and of course, entrepreneurs have added CBD to all three and are selling it. Meanwhile, plenty of coffee shops around the world have started adding drops of CBD oil to their customer’s orders. For an extra fee, of course.

Like with food, infusion methods for drinks vary. We have mentioned the practice of adding CBD oil to the drink. You can also buy ground up coffee that already comes infused with CBD — often thanks to the addition and mixing of CBD isolate to the coffee powder.

With tea, CBD can boost the calming effect a lot of people seek from the warm drink. While with coffee, it can help cut back on some of coffee’s negative effects, let people enjoy a boost in focus without feeling jittery or anxious.

However, you decide to enjoy your CBD, remember to only buy the substance from reputable laboratories like CBD51, since that’s the best way to make sure you are getting the product you were promised, free of adulterations or contamination.

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