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Gliding Into The Future, Starting From ZERO: A Cosmically Designed Kit You Should Know


VAPORESSO ZERO, previously known as Renova ZERO, won the hearts of vapers around the world during the past three years with its user-friendly and chic design. The product is a mind-blowing combination of flavors and simple-yet-powerful features that revolutionized the vaping industry. The ZERO made it easier than ever for beginning vapers to access the kit’s smooth taste and soothing sensation.

Now, the global vape manufacturer is upping the ante with an upgrade to its classic model. The ZERO 2 boasts all of the features that made the original a worldwide phenomenon and builds on them with a higher-capacity pod and longer-lasting battery as well as CCELL and MESH pods that produce a dream-like flavor experience and smoothness.

VAPORESSO’s newest launch offers the best of both worlds: a good time and a long time.

A futuristic and streamlined design

The ZERO 2 brings a charming yet futuristic and streamlined ergonomic design to the kit’s body. Adopting a leading ergonomic design, every angle on the ZERO 2 is highly polished so users can enjoy a comfortable grip. Its color schemes are upgraded to include a radiant cosmos design that combines 10 layers of a special in-mold labeling finish with universe-themed gloss, creating a unique and dazzling appearance. The ZERO 2’s creative and futuristic appearance stands out significantly in the crowded vape kit market. While other manufacturers create pens, VAPORESSO has created a stunning visual masterpiece.

A battery and pods to extend the pleasure

The ZERO 2 welcomes an almighty 3 milliliter pod capacity that holds up to 50 percent more liquid than its predecessor: the ZERO featured a PCTG CCELL pod that held just 2 ml of liquid. The extra room in the ZERO 2 means users can enjoy up to 150 to 300 more draws before having to refill.

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That, of course, also inspired a longer-lasting 800mAh battery in the ZERO 2, up from 650mAh in the classic model. The 23 percent upgrade in battery offers users the chance at a marathon vaping session, should they so desire it. The 1A Type-C quick-charging battery in the ZERO 2 takes just 45 minutes to reach a full charge, the same length of time required for the shorter-lasting battery in the original product. Users will love the newly enhanced vaping experience like they would any other hobby with an added bonus. It’s like running out of credit on a mobile device or video game only to find you’ve been awarded extra. The fun never stops!

Safe and user-friendly

Finally, its press-to-fill system is considered the safest in the industry. The inner spring creates a tight seal to help eliminate spilling and the need for micro rubber caps. The mechanism automatically locks after filling, making it fully childproof.

The device also features anti-leaking tech that VAPORESSO calls SSS — Seal comprehensively, Saturate properly, Store safely — to lock in e-liquid and prevent leakage.

Most impressively? The powerful new ZERO 2 comes in the same user-friendly size as the classic model, which easily fits in the palm of its vapers’ hands. So despite its added features and upgrades, the ZERO 2 has the same weight and size as the ZERO. Even better, the new ZERO 2 pods are completely compatible with the original ZERO kit and vice versa.

It’s always hard to improve on a classic like the ZERO, But VAPORESSO rose to the challenge in creating the one-of-a-kind ZERO 2.  With ZERO 2, vapers will enjoy the best of the original product plus many amplified benefits in this truly revolutionary upgrade. The ZERO 2 is unlike anything the vaping world has ever seen before.

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Building from ZERO, Gliding into the future

You almost certainly know of and have probably even used the ZERO before. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick history: The world-renowned vape kit launched in 2018 under RENOVA, previously a sub-brand of VAPORESSO but later merged into the parent company. Since then, the ZERO has been one of VAPORESSO’s hottest selling products. Its easy-to-use, cost-effective, and unique design made the kit ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike. The ZERO has consistently earned 5-star consumer and analyst reviews, and can be found globally in 60+ countries.

VAPORESSO was founded in 2015 as an offshoot of SMOORE International, the world’s largest vaping manufacturer and the first vaping company to go public. The company holds over 1,000 technology patents.

Supported by SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has been setting new industry standards and driving innovation since its first day as a company. VAPORESSO was one of the first brands to adopt the press-to-fill (PTF) system and SSS leak-resistant technology. Today, VAPORESSO continues to transform the industry with new vaping products of all kinds.