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Marijuana Experts Reveal More Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis

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Marijuana experts have been vocal about the advantages of smoking marijuana either for medicinal or recreational purposes. Since the legalization of the plant’s use has become widespread, more unexpected benefits of marijuana have been gradually introduced to people. Other than what you commonly know, marijuana experts are also digging into other unanticipated medicinal effects of the plant, which may change the entire disease treatment industry.

With public support for cannabis reaching higher, there is no doubt that the plant’s utmost power will be revealed anytime soon. Here are among the benefits of cannabis, which are claimed by marijuana experts or may be an ongoing study:

Weight Loss. Many considered marijuana as means to increasing your weight since you will have an impulse to be hungry after smoking. Nonetheless, it was clarified by marijuana experts that several studies proved that marijuana users are slimmer than those who do not smoke cannabis. This was supported by a scientific explanation that marijuana assists your system for insulin production’s regulation. Amazingly, marijuana also promotes better consumption of calories.

Alzheimer’s Disease. Experts have been highly interested in determining whether cannabis is useful for the treatment of the problem or not. A study in 2014 hinted that a compound in cannabis may cause slowdown in production of protein, which pertains to the substances that are accumulated whenever you have Alzheimer’s disease. There are also doctors who suggested that marijuana may also control damage of the nervous system from concussions or stroke.

Tremors in Parkinson’s Sufferers. Smoking pot was observed to be helpful in Parkinson’s patients, particularly in addressing tremors and pain. Moreover, marijuana experts reiterated that cannabis may also enhance one’s sleep quality while perking up your motor capabilities. The most supportive researches are based in Israel.

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Alternatively, American Cancer Society also published a study that medical marijuana can get rid of muscle tension.  The multiple sclerosis patients in the organization’s research showed significant improvements from shaking and muscle spasms after taking liquidized marijuana.

Cancer. More and more studies are revealed, showing the potential of marijuana as a breakthrough in cancer treatment. Even the federal government and groups of scientists had unified conclusion that marijuana’s cannabinoids my help fight away certain cancer types.

By definition, cannabinoids are linked to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that alters the mind and mainly found in marijuana.  Besides THC, there are over 100 cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. Both illegal manufacturers and scientists have created cannabinoids in the laboratory, resulting to powerful chemicals that may be dangerous when overconsumption is practiced.

Basically, your body generates its cannabinoids. These are chemicals related to pain, senses, pleasure, body movement, memory, mind, focus, and time awareness among others.

Prevention of HIV Spread. Latest researches showed that marijuana may have the potential to stop the spread of HIV in affected people. Moreover, Louisiana-based findings showed that an animal who was given THC dose every day was protected from the disease retrenchment. Similarly, the scientists in the same study discovered that immunity damage in the animal’s stomach had been reduced by cannabis.

Glaucoma. Far from your expectation, marijuana also has the ability to get rid of glaucoma. Smoking pot has been proven effective in getting rid of strain and problems in your eyes.

Depression. This is a serious problem that is widespread in the United States, which is why more experts are looking into the effectiveness of cannabis in addressing the problem. A research is underway at Buffalo University, which is led by Samir Haj-Dahmane. According to Haj-Dahmane, the compounds of marijuana may reduce depression and promote positive moods through reinvigoration of endocannabinoid’s condition.

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Marijuana experts are joining forces to promote the previously halted cannabis use, which is now slowly becoming a possible medical breakthrough in various fields. As researches continue, there will be more cannabis medicinal benefits that will astonish the world.