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Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains

CBD Hemp Flower

CBD or the Cannabidiol is a product made from the Cannabis Sativa plant, more commonly known as marijuana. The products of this plant have made their way up in the field of medicine and otherwise, as relaxants. Most products are in the form of oils or edibles that give the consumer a sense of relaxation. These products are being used as an aid in a variety of medical issues ranging from anxiety to joint pain.

Head over to have a look at the five CBD hemp flower strains.

Moon rocks sour space candy

As the name implies (no, these are not actual rocks from the moon), moon rocks make you feel like you are in outer space. Which is the best feeling one might need? The moon rocks are made from the cannabis flower, but the final product resembles a brown rock as if a rock from outer space, hence the name. If you are not a regular consumer, the moon rock is a promised trip.

Harlequin strain

Harlequin strain has a high content of CBD. If you are looking for something to excite and entangle your taste buds, this is definitely for you, with a sweet mango-like taste, this will leave you pleasantly surprised. It keeps the consumer-focused and feeling light all at the same time. It has a soothing effect on the body and mind alike. It’s not particularly designed to make the consumer high, but to make them feel better while maintaining sobriety. It is the perfect choice to relieve mild kind of anxiety. It is also a good pain reliever. Due to these qualities, this strain is particularly useful in depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress.

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This strain is dominant in Indica and has almost 22% CBD, which means that it is not efficient in establishing a high but is very good at relieving pain. Therefore, most of its uses are directed towards pain management and relief. However, it might give you a little buzz behind the eyes, after which your body relaxes. This strain is quickly gaining popularity for being particularly mellow. It often makes consumers energized and motivated.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s gift has an earthy feel to it. The high it produces is mild yet noticeable. It increases brain activity but relaxes the body, thus makes you relaxed but does not make you lethargic. You get to relax while maintaining your general alertness, so it is suitable for social settings and is a drug of choice during the daytime. This strain is dominant in stevia and has 20 times more CBD than THC. Therefore, it is preferred in people with muscle spasms, anxiety PTSD, gastric problems, and arthritis.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the world’s most famous strains. It does not typically produce a prominent high in the consumer. It is generally used in the form of oils instead of being smoked or ingested. Its medicinal uses include seizure disorders, muscle spasms, migraines, arthritis, etc.

These marijuana strains are increasingly being used in medicine and are becoming popular, especially in the arena of psychiatry and pain management. Marijuana is no longer a street drug. Infect medicinal marijuana is now a part of many treatment regimens of different diseases. Although the strains, as mentioned above, have found great uses in medicine, they are not to be used without the advice of your health care professional to avoid any possible adverse effects or drug interactions.