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3 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Must Avoid Smoking Weed

3 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Must Avoid Smoking Weed

Smoking weed is very popular regardless if it’s legal in a state or not. Some people use it to treat diseases or disorders like epileptic seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Some individuals use it to improve their sleep and calm their nerves. Even pregnant women use it for pain relief and relaxation of the muscles.

Pregnancy and Weed

Some midwives claim that smoking, inhaling, or ingesting weed is good for pregnant women because it can calm the nerves and reduce morning sickness and anxiety attacks. However, researchers strongly discourage smoking weed among pregnant women because of its numerous addictive properties. The following are the top three reasons why pregnant women should avoid smoking, inhaling, or ingesting weed.

1. The baby can suffer from birth defects

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the main chemical components of weed, can readily pass through the placenta. THC can severely affect the development of the brain and its function. Studies also claim that THC can adversely affect the weight of the fetus, resulting to potentially fatal health problems.

2. Kids born to weed-smoking moms suffer from long-term mental health problems

Evidences strongly suggest that babies carried by mothers who smoke weed tend to suffer from decreased mental ability. In some studies, it was discovered that children exposed to weed while they were in the womb have difficulty in listening and processing even the simplest concepts. Children born from mothers who smoke or ingest weed during their first trimester usually get very low scores in math, reading comprehension, and spelling.

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3. It can cause premature delivery of the baby

According to research, inhaling, smoking, or consuming weed triples the risk of premature delivery. If a baby is prematurely delivered, he or she may suffer from severe health problems. A premature baby may also have deformed lungs that can result to respiratory issues like apnea. Premature infant may also suffer from fatal brain hemorrhages and heart failure.

While some people smoke weed for medical purposes, others tend to use it for recreational purposes. If consumed in large quantities and on a regular basis, weed can be very addictive. If you are pregnant or if you have any pregnant women in your household, it would be best to avoid using weed inside the house.

Try to learn everything you can about weed before you use it. Learn more about the pros and cons of smoking weed from our site.