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5 Powerful Reasons for Legalizing the Use of Weed

5 Powerful Reasons for Legalizing the Use of Weed

Up to this day, legalizing the use of weed is still a sore subject for a lot of people in various countries and cities. It is not uncommon that there are known negative effects of smoking weed.

However, weed does not only have adverse effects on someone using the drug. Using weed also comes with a lot of advantages and benefits, especially for different kinds of sicknesses. Here are the top 5 reasons that legalizing weed can be useful for:

Legalizing Weed is Better than Prohibition

There are a lot of reasons why legalizing the use of weed is a lot better than prohibition. When it is legalized, it can be easier to regulate it, and it will also end the illegal sales of weed. Marijuana is one of the widely-used drugs, and legalizing its use will help shut down the unlawful trades of gangs, cartels, and even terrorists.

It Is Safer Than Tobacco and Alcohol

Compared to the already legal tobacco and alcohol, using weed is a lot safer. Cigarettes, for example, can be damaging to the lungs and the alcohol is also not good for the liver.

It Is Better Than Prescription Drugs

Most of the legal pharmaceutical drugs are more potent than smoking weed. They can often cause an overdose which can kill people, while weed is an herb that can replace other pharmaceutical medications without causing dangerous side effects.

Weed Helps Cure Cancer

There are already a lot of therapies and medications to help cure and regulate cancer cells in the body. Weed can also be one of those things. It can kill cancer cells in a lot of ways that will prevent cell suicide and also halt the metastasis of cancer cells.

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It Has Legitimate Medical Benefits

Weed comes with a lot of medical and health benefits. It can help alleviate cramps, pains, and headaches, which can be helpful to women during their period. It can also help lower the risk for obesity and diabetes.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in weed is also an essential chemical that can prevent HIV from turning into AIDS. It can also be beneficial to people suffering from Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease.

While there are several negative points of using weed like addition, it also comes with countless of health and medical benefits which are worth considering legalizing the use of weed.