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5 Reasons Why Weed Is Better Than Prescription Drugs

5 Reasons Why Weed Is Better Than Prescription Drugs

Behind the widespread addiction side effect of using marijuana, there are many medical advantages that prove why weed is better than using prescription drugs. Weed is a kind of herb that can help cure a lot of diseases and alleviate most of the painful and disturbing symptoms of lots of conditions even more than most pharmaceutical drugs. It also doesn’t cause an overdose, which can kill a person like most of those medications.

1. Weed Is a Lot Safer for Epileptic Seizures

There are several prescribed medications to prevent and manage epileptic seizures. However, it also comes with a lot of side effects, often making an alternative treatment necessary.

It includes exhaustion, loss of appetite, and depression. On the other hand, smoking weed lessens the risk of epileptic seizures without exhibiting side effects, which is one reason why weed is better than using prescription drugs.

2. It Is Effective for Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Studies on the results of smoking weed in patients with fibromyalgia have revealed that it is more effective in relieving the symptoms compared to using prescription drugs.

3. It Is Safer for ADHD and ADD Treatments

Prescription drugs for attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder are often extremely habit forming and addictive, which increases the chances of drug abuse. It is also is known to cause hallucinations and psychosis. On the other hand, smoking weed helps in regulating overstimulation in the brain efficiently without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

4. It Can Cure Cancer

If you are diagnosed with cancer, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the next big things. However, it often causes a lot of inconvenience and side effects.

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Using weed, on the other hand, can kill the cancer cells as early as possible and prevent it from progressing into cancerous tumors. This way, the use of weed can protect the users from the complications of cancer in the first place.

5. Weed is Much Safer for People with Multiple Sclerosis

There are a lot of harmful side effects from using pharmaceutical drugs that are used for treating multiple sclerosis. One, in particular, is extremely dangerous and can significantly increase the risk of having brain infection.

These types of medications block white blood cells from attacking the nerves, which often leads to more severe illnesses. The THC content of weed is found to be more effective and safer for people with MS.

There are a lot of medical benefits in using weed and studies has shown that often, weed is better than using prescription drugs.