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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marijuana

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marijuana

Subject for a lot of debates is the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana in our society. The disadvantages are what the oppositions are trying to inform the public whereas the benefits are the most common counter-argument that the pros have in store.

These arguments and counter-arguments about marijuana use are mostly the factors involved in an inconclusive decision on whether the legalization of marijuana would bring goodness or would we all suffer a terrible consequence.

In the US, more than half of its 50 states have embraced the marijuana benefits in their daily lives, so far, no known long-term effects have been identified. But it doesn’t mean that no disadvantages will place in the long run, it is, after all, be based on the correct handling and the right set of rules promulgated by each state.

So, the question now lies on the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana, and how are we going to address the ill-effects it has in the society. Sometimes, the safest choice can result to something wrong if mishandled.

Pros of Marijuana

There are several known marijuana benefits, although not all would accept its beneficial components, let us reiterate what are the pros in using one;

  1. Marijuana has known medical benefits. Because of its health-beneficial properties, study suggests that marijuana use can cure some illnesses and can act as preventive maintenance to slow down the progression of neurological disorders and other diseases.

One good example of marijuana used as medicine is its contribution for treating patients that have glaucoma. Although no conclusive scientific data supports this one, some countries where marijuana is legal starts prescribing it to some patients suffering in this condition.

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It can also soothe neuro-electrical activities due to its psychoactive chemical components which can help people suffering from seizures and epileptic episodes.

Due to these studies, we will soon see marijuana in a different light as a possible natural alternative medicine for some neurological diseases where drug cost is hefty.

2. Smoking marijuana not only gives relief to people with severe illnesses, but it also helps, if taken or used with great precautions, it also has enormous benefits for ordinary citizens to prevent diseases.

3. Most of the advantages of marijuana involve medical breakthroughs, but another benefit that other people are not taking into strong considerations is its advantages in the economy of a country.

If a state decided to legalize marijuana, a massive return of tax revenue would follow. This is because legalizing marijuana means it becomes taxable. Monitoring of the manufacturing and distribution will be out in the open too making it easier to track and follow.

The tax revenue collected from it would serve a bigger purpose for the citizen of each country.

Cons of Marijuana

The cons listed below are the most common arguments anti-marijuana used to prevent the marijuana legalization.

  1. Although there are known good effects, one can’t deny the fact that marijuana has a component that can result in mind-alteration and intense hallucinations. If used in an excessive amount, can cause severe damage to either your health or full mental state.
  2. Marijuana can stay in your system longer than any other drug. This is because it takes too long to completely remove it from our body even with powerful detoxification method.
  3. As it alters the mind, people who use it due to anxiety attacks and depression tend to become reliant on it refusing to live in reality and stuck in the world altered by their mind.
  4. It can pose a far more serious threat than any other drug due to its neurological effects that are almost the same level of seriousness in other illegal drugs.
  5. A study shows that 54% of people arrested have committed a crime due to the influence of marijuana. A double in number is expected if the campaign to fight against marijuana, and other illegal drugs fail.
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Since marijuana is said to play with the user’s judgment and morale, users tend to feel comfortable or don’t worry too much about carrying on crime.

In this endless debate whether who’s right or wrong, there is one thing that is certain, everything can start off as beneficial, and only you can make it continuously work that way. Too much of everything has its benefits, but it surely has ill-effects as well.

There are pros and cons to every situation and it’s up to you to weigh the one that imposes the lesser threat and choose what will serve you more.