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Common Ways to Ingest Medical Marijuana


There are a growing number of countries that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. USA has 29 states and Washington D.C. where medical marijuana is legal. Strict government regulations often require registration with a government patient registry; prescription from a licensed medical doctor, and purchase from government controlled or monitored dispensaries and pharmacies. Listed below are common ways on how to ingest medical marijuana.


Smoking is the most common and traditional way to ingest marijuana. Smoking happens with the dried cannabis flower buds that are either housed in a water pipe or rolled in paper into a “joint” are lit up like a cigarette. Small “hits” are inhaled within a gap of 10-15 minutes for the desired dose. Smoking marijuana delivers fast relief and studies have shown that there is no link to developing lung cancer.The downside to smoking marijuana, however, is the risk of inhaling unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals produced by the smoke like tar.

Common Ways to Ingest Medical Marijuana

Vaporizing or “Vaping”

Inhaling marijuana smoke through a vaporizer is healthier than smoking. Dried marijuana is inserted inside the vaporizer.This is then heated at a temperature low enough to extract the active ingredients, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), minus any other harmful chemicals that combusting a joint might bring out. The procedure is not as convenient as smoking a joint because of the apparatus involved. But this option is proven to be safer. There are a number of designs of vaporizers in the market depending on the patient’s needs:  from tabletop models to the sleek, stylish and portable vape pens. A popular brand among them is exotic carts oil .

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Gaining ground and popular acceptance are marijuana edibles. Marijuana as an ingredient has found its way into a lot of food applications like cookies, chocolates, crackers, candies, and mints. Also available are innovative marijuana infused beverages entering the market like single-serve infused coffee pods, tea bags and water.  Ingesting marijuana edibles is popular among children and the elderly. However, quantities eaten must be monitored to make sure that the right amount of marijuana dosage is ingested. It normally takes 2 hours after eating marijuana edibles to feel the effect.

Pills, Sprays, Tinctures, Patches, and Suppositories

Other available forms of medical marijuana that have been produced by pharmaceuticals are mouth sprays like Sativex from GW Pharmaceuticals, dronabinol capsules like Marinol from Unimed Pharmaceuticals, and transdermal patch from Cannabis Science, Inc., to name a few. Medical suppositories are also another form of medical marijuana that is gaining popularity among adults and children for ease of use and efficacy of treatment delivery.

Medical marijuana provides the access to the new hype that marijuana is getting nowadays. Pharmaceutical companies and government health organizations are opening up avenues for developing marijuana-based medication as new scientific studies are now validating the effectivity of marijuana’s two active ingredients, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in treating serious ailments. Indeed, the next few years will witness a serious transformation of the cannabis sativa plant as it forays into the modern medical world.

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