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LeafedOut : The Evolution Of Cannabis Connectivity

LeafedOut Weed Near Me


“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” ~Willie Nelson



Facebook, Instagram, & Craigslist are the world’s most popular networking platforms to broadcast our lives & daily activities to our peers. Now what about the same social & professional networking platform to connect the marijuana community & industry. Luckily for all persons and entities across the spectrum of the cannabis industry and community, the worlds most popular marijuana networking platform formerly known as LeafedIn has launched it’s next level platform known as Leafedout @ https://leafedout.com.

Cannabis Networking Evolved

This application binds the Cannabis Community together in a way like no other domain has attempted before. Upon opening the website, a user is shown directly to a live map where they witness the real-time action that LeafedOut has to offer. A quick zoom out displays hundreds of map pinpoints that show the approximate distance between a user and their next Cannabis based career or merchant.

From this point, a user easily sign’s up to identify when a user near them was last online. They then can draft messages to send out to other users. Menus with vastly different products range anywhere from flower, edibles, concentrates, etc. These are shown with cutting edge design & functionality via real time menus on user profiles. Furthermore, there is a huge aspect of social networking including status updates, followers, photo streams, etc. Adding a balance & objectivity to the mix are heavily monitored reviews that perform similarly to Yelp so that users can get an accurate depiction of who they are connecting with before engaging. Users agree as part of the registration process to follow all relevant local guidelines .

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LeafedOut Cannabis Near Me

The All In One Networking and Branding Weed App

The ease of use in the app and platform illustrates LeafedOut isn’t a marketing ploy to only serve the more experienced cannabis aficionado. instead it is crafted for those who are cannabis novices to easily find what they need in a discreet, anonymous manner. Additionally there is information for newcomers about the use of the different forms of marijuana especially medicinal. Altogether it is a finely constructed domain with an inviting approach to those who are more privacy oriented.

LeafedOut breaks the boundaries and expectations of what people perceive the Cannabis community to be by showing the public that marijuana is not just marijuana, it is an occupation, business, friendship, and mutual understanding of what Cannabis means to all of us.