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Mother and Daughter Caught with 130 Lbs. of Marijuana

Mother and Daughter Caught with 130 Lbs. of Marijuana

North Carolina – What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into a nightmare when a mother and her daughter were caught by police officers on Interstate 40, which is near Mebane, with a car trunk full of marijuana.

The mother, whose name was later revealed to be Ruth Paez Diaz, is 46 years old and residing in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Ruth said that she was just driving her daughter, Briann Marie Diaz, 26 years old, to the far eastern part of North Carolina.

The mother and daughter were asked by a traffic cop to pull over when they got a traffic violation. At first, everything seemed fine and the pair seemed relaxed. The traffic cop was only considering giving them a ticket for a traffic violation, but when Ruth and her daughter started acting strange, the police asked a K-9 officer to investigate with his dog.

The dog smelled the exterior of the Toyota Camry that the mother was driving. When the dog gave signs of positive results for drugs, the police asked for a search warrant so that they can perform a thorough search of the car.

The cops first believed that a small quantity of drugs were involved as the mother and daughter initially admitted to using drugs. However, when the search was completed, the cops were stunned to find at least 130 lbs. of marijuana in the trunk of the car.

The value of the marijuana, when sold in streets, was said to be close to a whopping $500,000. During the course of the investigation, it was found out that the mother and daughter would usually travel long distances to deliver marijuana to their patrons.

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According to the police officers, you would not suspect them immediately as they would pose as a traveling mother and daughter who seemed to be innocent, which is a perfect disguise. After the search, the two were taken into custody, and they are due to appear in court.

They were charged with marijuana trafficking and are currently being held in custody with a $100,000 bail. Drug trafficking is considered one of the most serious offenses which can result in heavy punishment if found guilty in the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina is among the states that acknowledge the medical use of marijuana, but it still imposes serious offenses for marijuana trafficking.