Home Business Nevada Residents Turn To Cannabis Tech To Find Legal Weed: Leafedin.Org

Nevada Residents Turn To Cannabis Tech To Find Legal Weed: Leafedin.Org

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As Nevada celebrates legal marijuana, cannabis tech companies play a pivotal role in ensuring an effective marijuana market 

A prime example is free anonymous marijuana network app Leafedin.org, which is an all in one application that focuses not just on dispensaries and certain business models but allows a platform for all marijuana community participants, entities, and models (B2B, B2C, P2P, etc)

Those needs have a wide range, from finding the best local weed or selling cannabis to new clients as a vendor or even locating marijuana employers or employees. Leafedin.org launched a year ago and has established itself nationally, recording over thirty thousand users and growing at an exponential rate. It even has already dominated the market share in some of the largest legal marijuana markets in the nation, such as Washington DC.

Nevada residents have already embraced the free anonymous app for the state’s medical marijuana program, and vendors that otherwise would not have had an outlet to find customers and patients or recreational users who otherwise would not have access to the best and closest Medicine found solace in this rising cannabis start up.

Leafedin.org works on any device or iOS Android apps, leveraging dynamic cutting edge technology that leverages real-time geolocation technology and an advanced messaging as well as detailed user profiles, vendor menus, job boards, and security features.

Rumored to have turned down several acquisition offers already, Leafedin.org has stated that it see’s Nevada as the new frontier within marijuana markets because of their willingness to embrace all business and social aspects of the marijuana community, while many other states that legalized do the complete opposite.

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It is expected that many more players will be fighting for their share of the Nevada market, and the uniqueness of the states open and positive policy towards legalization make this an interesting business case study. Mainstream media has quoted that Nevada looks to become the Amsterdam of marijuana within the U.S, and companies like Leafedin.org and specifically the innovation the cannabis sector will bring is something that all the major industry players are watching carefully.