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Post Office in Canada to Accept Marijuana Deliveries

Post Office in Canada to Accept Marijuana Deliveries

Canada – With the impending legalization and regularization of marijuana all across Canada as promised by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, people are now starting to be more open to the idea of having marijuana shops near them.

Some businesses are even using the trend in marijuana to promote their companies. One of these businesses who think that the legalization of marijuana will benefit their company is the Canadian post, the Canadian Crown.

The Canadian Crown is one of Canada’s main postal service, and they are already planning and studying the way to effectively deliver marijuana once the legalization and regularization of the drug is finalized by next year. Top cannabis strains are being sent routinely across the country.

Canadian Crown’s representatives announced that once the law about the legalization of pot is implemented, they will be accepting marijuana for delivery to different homes across Canada. They have never tried receiving and delivering the drug before, but they are looking forward to it.

The director of strategy of the Canadian Crown said that they are known to be the best in handling controlled substances by post, such as alcohol. Canadian Crown has the proper materials and is equipped with the right methods to handle marijuana if need be.

Canadian Crown’s director also said that there wouldn’t be any problems with their strategy in handling marijuana as they have a streamlined way to check the identity and age of whoever will receive packages containing the drug. The postal service added that they know how to deliver controlled substances only to the right person as they have been doing it for years.

Although people who want to have marijuana delivered right to their door steps are yet to be seen, the company said that conducting a formal research on the popularity of pot delivery is not yet conducted, so they don’t have an exact number of people who are willing to support the pot-delivery system at Canadian Crown.

Canadian Crown said that it is hard to verify the numbers now since they are only in the stage of planning and that marijuana still hasn’t fully been embraced in the country yet. However, Canadian Crown is hopeful that once pot is finally legalized, people will be more open to the idea of sending marijuana through snail mail and finally receiving it legally.