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Pro and Anti Marijuana Debate Ensues in East Bay City

Pro and Anti Marijuana Debate Ensues in East Bay City

Livermore, CA – A long discussion on whether the city will allow marijuana regulation and legalization has caused a debate between the supporters and critics of this movement.

It started when the City Council created an online poll to ask what the people think about the regularization of marijuana in their city. The results stirred panic in the critics as 58% of those who voted in the online poll say that they are willing to support the legalization of medical marijuana. The supporters even stated that they agree to have a marijuana dispensary opened in town.

On the other hand. most of the people who are against the possible legalization of weed are people who live in East Livermore, which is part of the industrial zone where a dispensary for medical marijuana is projected to rise. People in East Livermore said that they are strongly opposed to the idea of having a marijuana dispensary near the place where they call their home.

Meanwhile, the officials of Livermore are conflicted as to what set of rules will be used when the legalization has been finalized and implemented next year. The officials are also in a heated discussion as they are studying whether to allow a medical marijuana dispensary to be built. Their discussion became futile, and the Officials decided to let the city official decide whether to agree or say no to these medical and recreational marijuana shops.

For now, the only ruling and recommendation that they were able to come up with is to pass a bill which will ban businesses from selling marijuana so the regulation and distribution of the drug will only be under government control. This law will prevent the opening of a marijuana dispensary, but once the legalization of marijuana is promulgated next year, January 1, the ban shall be lifted.

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It is up to the city council whether they continue to implement the ban or if they will lift it and allow marijuana dispensaries to open in the city. Although the council has decided on what to do about the marijuana dispensaries, a heated argument is still going on between those who are pro and anti-marijuana use.

Those opposed to the dispensaries said that they would do everything to prevent marijuana shops from opening as they wouldn’t want to live near junkies and drug addicts. It is now up to the city to decide which group to side with, but their main objective is to do what they think is good for the city.


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