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Unikorn Candy Review – Why You Should Buy From This Vendor?

Unikorn Candy

Finding a quality Kratom vendor can be a challenging task. For this reason, it is crucial to keep an eye out for reviews regarding a brand you are thinking of opting for. A brand that has gained traction because of its unique name and psychedelic packaging.

About Unikorn Candy

Several users have commended this brand for its cleverly put name. Although they are mainly a Mitragyna vendor – the creative name works to attract more customers. The brand has many different Kratom strains on sale and is working for quite some time. In the short time of its operation, Unikorn Candy has been able to accrue several loyal customers. These loyal customers can be seen when you go through the reviews present on the website.

The brand is not just a Kratom shop but also has a few CBD products on sale.

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What is the brand selling?

The website of Unikorn Candy is very colorful and designed in a psychedelic way. However, it still manages to retain professionalism. Moreover, the website is easy to navigate, even for a new user.

A good Kratom brand must have many strains present on sale to cater to the maximum number of customers’ needs. Unikorn Candy is currently selling many different Mitragyna products. They also have sample packs available on their website for customers wanting to try the product out. Other than this, the brand is also selling Moringa powder and smoke-able CBD flowers. The products have been given fancy names like fairy dust etc.

Are the prices reasonable?

As far as the price tags are concerned, Unikorn Candy’s products are very reasonable. These products are sold in various serving sizes and have brilliant prices. Because of this reason, it is easy to become a loyal customer of the vendor as they are not heavy on the pocket.

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Moreover, the option of buying Kratom products in bulk is also available to cater to the needs of the maximum number of customers.

Lab Testing

The brand owner has stated that all of her Mitragyna is tested against any contamination, this makes the product high-quality and many people are buying the products from Unikorn Candy.


  • The products are being sold at a very reasonable price, making them accessible to people from every sector of society.
  • The vendor is easily approachable, and answers queries very fast. They also have accounts on all major social media platforms, which allows them to be reached easily.
  • The brand has a veteran discount as well as discounts for the sick and handicapped. This speaks volumes as it shows that the brand genuinely cares about the customers and not just the money.

Final Words

Unikorn Candy is a good brand that is slowly making its way up the Kratom vendor ladder. If you are new to Kratom – make sure that you buy a small quantity and try it out before making a more significant purchase.