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First Ever Federal Medical Marijuana Bill in the Works


It seems things may finally be simmering down in the war on drugs – or at least the war against legal marijuana. For the first time since the federal ban of marijuana the federal government may be making a step forward.

The “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015”

In essence, this act would provide protection to those who are cooperating with their state cannabis laws that are set in place. Since the medical marijuana movement really started to make progress in the 90’s there has been a large grey area that has caused problems for workers and patients alike.

There have been hundreds who have been imprisoned regardless of following all state laws and regulations. It seems that after all this time, congressman Dana Rohrabacher is thinking the same thing we have been for quite some time.

Rohrabacher proposed the bill early this year and it is believed to have a strong chance at passing.

“It’s time for restraint of the federal government’s over-aggressive weed warriors.” – D. Rohrabacher.

What It Means for States Who Have Legalized

As far as the 35 states who have chosen to legalize marijuana – in one form or another – this bill will mean no longer having to fear repercussions from the federal government. Basically, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015 would do exactly that – protect state laws.

It would not just yet take marijuana off the controlled substances list, however it would amend the Act to no longer apply to anyone who is compliant with their own state issued laws regarding cannabis.

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Since the Department of Justice has been working their way through the loopholes in the changes to their funding, this as a measure that needed to be taken in order to protect the states right to govern as they see fit.

What It Means for the Future of Marijuana Legalization

This Act will put the states in charge of marijuana legalization – opening up doors for states who may not be legalizing only for fear of the federal government. It will provide the states with the security of knowing their actions are 100% legal, not just in the eyes of their state government, but in the eyes of the federal government as well.

We may not be legalizing the plant on a federal level yet – though with the implementation this act we could be putting an end to marijuana prohibition after all this time. If this bill passes I believe we will soon see many more states taking the leap into either medical or even full recreational legalization.