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Marijuana Law: The Good Changes That It Will Bring

Marijuana Law: The Good Changes That It Will Bring

Changes in marijuana law are often happening nowadays. People are voicing out their opinions when it comes to this matter and they have been heard. States are legalizing use of recreational marijuana and some are considering it. However, what exactly will we expect in the future with these changes in marijuana law?

Its Medical Capabilities

It is no doubt that marijuana has medical benefits and it is one of the reasons why people support it. Cannabis has the capability to treat glaucoma and other disease. According to a study in 2003, marijuana can also avoid epileptic seizures. Severe seizures such as Dravet’s Syndrome will also be prevented. Aside from these examples, it can prevent cancer from spreading in your body.

The medical capabilities of the drug are unimaginable. It is a good thing that the government changed the policies for marijuana law.

Increase and Decrease

The increase of tax revenue is another reason as to why people back up its legalization. There have been claims that once it is legal in a state, the revenue will increase. People believe that it will act as an income generator. An analyst in Colorado recommended tax for this herb. In this way, the government will be able to raise millions of bucks each year. This will also help law enforcement to focus on more violent crimes.

The good changes in marijuana law can also decrease the need of money for organized crime such as illegal drug trading. Supporters of the legalization of marijuana claim that it will lessen the profits of criminals by selling illegal drugs. In places where it isn’t legal, drug dealers are making a lot of money due to high street prices and absence of competitors. However, if it will be legalized, their profit will decrease.

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Legalization of this will not increase the number of people who are using it for recreational purposes. Take tobacco and alcohol for example, it is easy to control because it is legal. Minors are not allowed to buy these products. As for cannabis, it is harder to control because it is illegal. Some high school student stated that it is easier to get cannabis compared to alcohol or tobacco.

This only means that it will be easier to control if it’s legal. People tend to like bad or prohibited things because these give them a certain adrenaline rush. But if it’s legal, it would be like taking of the word fun from this adventure.

For Your Personal Freedom

We have the right to choose what we put in our body. Marijuana may have shown a couple of harmful effects but it is still our right whether we take it or not. If it is being prohibited, it’s almost like we are interfering our personal freedom. Smoking weed does not affect a whole community, only the person who’s using it will be affected. Smoking it is considered as a victimless crime.

Many people agree that as long as you are not doing harm to others, you still have the right to act freely. If it is unlawful, this only means that we are being stripped off from this right. Considering that smoking weed is not linked to the reduction in productivity of an individual. Prohibition of smoking marijuana is ineffective as well. There has been no evidence that the user of the drug has decreased ever since it was prohibited.

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For the Protection of People

If cannabis is legal, the government will create additional marijuana law such as safety controls. If it’s not, consumers do not have the slightest idea what are the chemicals and ingredients that were used to process it. On the other hand, if it’s legal, the government will put efforts in creating a safer control system. This will reduce the risk that may be caused by smoking cannabis.

These are the possible outcomes that we will see if cannabis is legalized. These factors will create huge changes in a good way.