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Marijuana Laws in Colorado: Its Scope and Limitations

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At the present, legally purchasing marijuana still has a stigma in most places all around the globe. Although it is being legalized in other states, it is still not perceived positively by many. States that have decided to allow legally purchasing marijuana still has some repercussions. One of these states its Colorado. The states maintains marijuana laws that help to assure that people will not abuse the use of it. Below is an overview and rundown of that the marijuana laws in Colorado limits to each citizen.

  1. The Possession and Purchasing Limits of Marijuana

One of the simplest aspects indicated in the Marijuana laws of Colorado is the compliance to possession and purchasing limits. This is one of the aspects that the government should properly monitor so as not to be able to hand it down to minors. In Colorado, only those who are 21 years old and above can purchase 1 ounce of cannabis. For this, you will need to have a government issued ID to be able to prove that you are 21 years old or higher. This will entitle you the right to purchase and consume it in Colorado.

On the other hand, in terms of legally purchasing marijuana, both tourists and residents have the right to purchase 28 grams of itin a single transaction. This part of the law is not specifically defined, but stores consider a single transaction as only a day’s transaction. Moreover, marijuana stores in Colorado usuallly operate from 8 in the morning until midnight. Other places also have designated hours as to the store hours of its stores.

  1. The Etiquette of Consuming Marijuana
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Even though legally purchasing marijuana is now avaiable in Colorado, there are still some ground rules as to how and where you can consume it. This is to give respect to other citizens who are not comfortable with the sight and scent given off by those who consume marijuana. It should be kept in mind that discretion is still highly appreciated and required to some extent. The state of Colorado still does not permit the public consumption of marijuana.

To be discreet with your consumption, you can either purchase edibles, or bring a portable vaporizer with you so as not to disturb the people around you. Aside from that, driving under the influence of marijuana is still highly prohibited.

  1. Exporting and Transposrting Marijuana to other Areas

There is a certain provision in the marijuana laws of Colorado which are particularly for exporting it. Thisstates that carrying an open container of marijuana in the passenger’s seat of a vehivle is still considered illegal. There are still grey areas as to what is considered an ‘open container’. However, plastic bags are considered as an open container.

Although legally purchasing marijuana is allowed in the state, transporting thosepurchased from the state is certainly not allowed. Police and other authorities are closely monitoring the borders so as to make sure that no one thinks of exporting itout of the state. Mailing marijuana through post offices is also not a good idea since these are also closely monitored by authorities.

  1. Posession of marijuana in Federal Land and Properties

The right to legally purchasing marijuana  should be practiced responsibly. Always remember that whenever you are in Colorado, you cannot bring marijuana with you whenever you are visiting national parks, forests, monuments, courthouses and other federal properties. Being caught with the posession of thiscan lead to a year in jail and can also incur financial penalities as well.

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Legally purchasing marijuana is a right that the people who have access to Colorado are lucky to have. That is why this right should be practiced responsibly and should not be abused.