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The Best Way to Buy Marijuana for Recreational Use

The Best Way to Buy Marijuana for Recreational Use

Marijuana for recreational and medicinal use has been legal for almost two decades. The first one that got approved was the Initiative 59 of 1998 while Initiative 71 was just passed in 2014. Initiative 71 allows the recreational use of marijuana in D.C.

However, although marijuana seems completely legal for consumption in D.C., the laws about its consumption are still restricted. First of all, only adults aging 21 years and above are the ones who are allowed to utilize marijuana for recreational use.

Second, an individual is authorized to own up to 2g of marijuana and no more than that. A person is also restricted to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants and three at maturity. Third, you are not allowed to smoke weed in public places and federal properties.

The last and the saddest part is that the commercial selling of pot is still not allowed. For this reason, the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana is close to irony because there’s almost no way to buy weed for recreation.

Thankfully, there are merchants on the web where you can buy cannabis. One of the places where you can purchase a dope is on the deep web. If you’re techy and adventurous, you can find plenty of dealers on the particular site.

Silk Road is the most popular among these merchants. However, most dealers on the deep web are also offering other illegal stuff, so buy at your risk.

Craiglist is also popular. However, the target market of Craiglist is huge. You’ll find merchants, employers, advertisers, and scammers that are not related to the marijuana industry. Furthermore, Craiglist has a reputation where most scammers post their advertisements to find possible victims. Thus, you should find the safest and the most reliable place to find your marijuana dealer.

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One of the most trusted websites to find a dope is LeafedIn. This site has been popular for marijuana lovers, especially for those who live in D.C.

LeafedIn is a P2P (person to person) network for marijuana users, sellers, workers, business owners, and the like. They also allow the member of their community to connect to one another in real-time using a map.

LeafedIn can determine your location automatically. If your browser settings don’t allow the site to access your location, the site will ask for your current location, zip code, or city. The location will be used to find the merchants, workers, employers, or users that are nearest to you.

There are many marijuana dealers located in Washington D.C., who signed up on this website. So, finding the right dealers that are close to your current location is just a piece of cake.

The map can give you a clue where the closest vendors are. All you have to do is key-in your location. You can find them on the map even if you don’t register. However, if you want to communicate with them, you have to set up an account.

When you sign-up, you will be asked for the usual form requirements like the password, email address, and username. You will also be asked in which category you belong. These categories vary from either a worker, buyer, employer, or vendor.

After that, you will be asked for further questions about your chosen group. These questions include your experience if you choose the worker category or the products you’re offering if you choose the vendor category.

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Just like Craiglist, LeafedIn is also an anonymous web-based market. It’s just that LeafedIn is well-targeted to the marijuana industry. Therefore, you still have to be careful when making a

deal. The best ways to be safe are to ask several questions to the prospect seller and read different consumer reviews. You must also ensure that the reviews are from legitimate buyers.