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New Administration’s Plan on Restriction of Recreational Marijuana

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Since the unexpected victory of President Donald Trump, marijuana legalization has been an issue. New administration means new rules, which is related to the recreational use of cannabis. For the past couple of months, there has been movement and people are talking about it. Will the new administration shut down marijuana legalization?

Old and New Administration

The Press Secretary of the White House, Sean Spicer, said that marijuana legalization will be subject to a bigger enforcement. In June 2015 of Trump’s campaign, he stated that using recreational marijuana is bad and he also added that he feels strongly against it. Spicer said that marijuana is still considered as an illegal drug. However, Obama’s administration didn’t felt the same when it comes to its medical benefits and also leisure use, making him an advocate ofmarijuana legalization.

The Obama administration didn’t interfere to the matter. In fact, they laid out an official memo that the government would not interfere with the recreational or nonmedical use of cannabis. It was issued when Washington and Colorado chose to legalize the nonmedical use of cannabis. Obama said that there are more important matters than shutting it down where it is already considered legal to use.

Spicer of the new administration also added that the last thing that they wanted is to encourage people to use it. He also stated that there’s still a federal law that they should follow regarding to the use of recreational marijuana.

Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana

When Trump did his speech in June 2015, he somehow changed his approach regarding marijuana legalization. In October 2015, he said that he is a 100% supporter of medical marijuana. He knows that the plant has been a big help to ill people who needs it. Trump also stated that he thinks the issue should be discussed by each state. However, there’s still surrounding debatesthat centralize on recreational marijuana legalization.

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Spicer said there is a huge difference between medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana. President Trump may not oppose the use of medical marijuana, but it is a different discussion when it comes to recreational purposes. He said it’s an issue that the Department of Justice will still be looking into.

The #Trump420

In January of 2017, the #Trump420 has been a subject of talks in social media platforms. A Facebook page was created and they were inviting people to march in the inaugural speech of the new President Donald Trump. They planned to light 4,200 legally-grown marijuana at exactly four minutes and twenty seconds into President Donald Trump’s speech, unless he will support marijuana legalization in all 50 states.

The activists who participatedthe joints were inside a cage. One of them explained that it symbolizes the people who are in jail for possessing a substance that isn’t dangerous. The plant has a lot of benefits yet people are in jail because of it. According to their social media page, adults who are 21 or older are the only ones allowed to carry cannabis in Washington. They were also not allowed to carry more than two ounces of cannabis. The activists group who is giving away the cannabis doesn’t accept money or any form of donation, since it is forbidden in Washington, DC to accept money for marijuana.

According to the existing laws, the smoking of marijuana is illegal so as a user, you risk yourself from getting arrested. People were also not allowed to carry cannabis inside federal land because it is also illegal. The activists want to let President Donald Trump to be reminded that that he has the power to legalize cannabis. The march was also considered as an outreach opportunity. They wanted to show to the President’s supporters that they are the cannabis majority who supports a meaningful advocacy. Since they were able to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in Washington, DC, they have no plans of letting anyone take it away from them.

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Up to this day, the question about the legalization of recreational marijuana answered is still left hanging. People do not know if President Trump or his administration is providing the exact message that they want or not. It is matter that still needs further discussion and we are all ears for news in the future.