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How Trump Administration Could Affect the Cannabis Industry

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United States President, Donald Trump,set a very determined agenda a week after his inaugural ceremony. One of the most controversial orders was signed just hours after his January 20 inauguration. Donald Trump authorized the executive order for the federal agencies to roll back certain details of Affordable Care Act or also known as the Obamacare. This and some other directives have already been signed in less than a month after Trump had his oath of office.

However, it is still unclear as to where the Trump administration really stands in terms of the marijuana legalization concerns.

The White House had held a press briefing stating that it is expecting the law enforcement to be firm in coercing federal cannabis laws if and when they encounter conflict with any of the states where recreational marijuana is permitted.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, had stressed that we will be seeing greater implementation of the federal illegal drug laws where marijuana is still considered as a prohibited drugs.

This is in contrast to the Obama administration’s stand which stated that federal government will not interfere in states where recreational marijuana is authorized.Obama had said immediately after Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana that the federal enforcement had bigger issues to chase than clamping down marijuana consumption in states that are already considering it as legal.

At the moment, the marijuana community is really hopeful. As described by RedstormScientific contributor Debra Borchardt, below are some of the possible scenarios that might happen in this marijuana legalization saga.

  1. Trump administration declares eradication of both recreational and medical marijuana.
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Donald Trump has been vocal about eradicating some of the things associated to former President Barrack Obama’s administration. If President Trump was able to sign an order to roll back Obamacare that quick knowing that 22 million people can be affected, we could say that the marijuana community is going to be of little significance to the current administration.

  1. Medical marijuana continues while recreational use gets terminated.

The Trump government could start raiding recreational marijuana retailers and they could get their money without any crime charges. These dispensaries and businesses will surely be under pressure if this is going to be the case.

  1. Existing marijuana markets can proceed with business but incoming states could be blocked or delayed

A lot of people believe the Trump government might not prioritize the marijuana legalization matters. The new administration could push the brakes on the states surfacing marijuana legalization by pressuring those that don’t have Rohrbacher amendment protection.

  1. Nothing changes.

There is a big possibility that things will be left untouched and maintained as they are. The current states that have legalized this plant or drug, whether for medical or recreational or both, could be left alone without any interference from the federal government.

  1. Trump administration supports marijuana all the way.

This is what the marijuana community has been praying for. As everyone knows, Donald Trump is a businessman after all and a lot of his cabinet members are businessmen as well. He wants jobs for the Americans and the legal cannabis commerce has already proven to be a massive industry employing 100,000 jobs nationwide. Marijuana legalization could mean this herb will be removed from the list of illegal substances and could become a new product for export. Thus, this will create a huge revenue for the country.

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These are the possible scenarios that might happen under the Trump administration. Its specific community can only wait and hope for the best scenario to take place, which obviously for them is the marijuana legalization.