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Will Marijuana Legalization Succeed in the Entire Country?

Will Marijuana Legalization Succeed in the Entire Country?

Marijuana legalization has become an immense issue that even the rest of the world is considering it worth talking about even in the most influential media. As United States is pushing through the removal of pot smoking prohibition, a conflict of opinion is rising. For the past five millennia, cannabis has been used spiritually, recreationally, and medically.  It could also be noted that Americans were among the first to prescribe it for medicinal use as early as the 1930s. Nonetheless, marijuana use came to a halt when the U.S. Congress in 1970 declared cannabis as an illegal substance.

Forecast of Marijuana Legalization

Four years ago, it was highlighted by several publications that marijuana legalization is now being embraced even by the biggest personalities in United States. Gallup poll once released results showing that almost half of the United States’ residents support the legalization of the use of cannabis. During the same time, it was hinted that marijuana legalization will be a major talk-about during the elections, and it happened.

The previous discussions on marijuana legalization also portrayed how both Democratic and Republican parties shieded away from the matter. Even the governors of Colorado and Washington, who are from the Democratic Party, did not support the recommendations of cannabis rationale. Even the Republicans remain mum about the subject without showing an indication of any support either.

The shift of Public Opinion

At present, you should now see how quickly things could change in terms of marijuana legalization. A national survey conducted recently declared that majority of Americans are in favour of making cannabis use legal. Many people are considering the possibility of cannabis legalization success, which may be touted alike to same-sex marriage. However, analysts clarified that you cannot consider the two subject matters equal. There is still a probability for marijuana opinion to shift.

There is still a chance for people to say no to legalization depending on many aspects. For instance, you can begin with women who are not in favor of biased treatment to the opposite sex. E.J. Dionne and William A. Galston reported via Brookings that these women may oppose the legalization of pot smoking. Moreover, couples who will likely become parents may shift to becoming conservatives. Even married parents may consider putting a halt on marijuana legalization unlike the unmarried ones.

Besides, Dionne and Galston added that there are more instances. There are people who support making marijuana legal in order to challenge the government. They simply want to see how courageous the lawmakers will be in opposing what is being shouted outside their offices. Alternatively, there are residents who simply feel mixed emotions that end up supporting the legalization despite complaining about discomfort in pot smoking.

Marijuana Legalization’s Future

The future of marijuana legalization is yet to be determined. It is still early to conclude that it will be a success. It could be said that the support for cannabis utilization is still too shallow. The avid supporters of marijuana – the typical citizens or the scientists – still have a long way to prove that cannabis is a must-have in the country. The success of America in legalizing marijuana is still dependent on further research and study.

Trump’s Recent Movement

The new administration of the U.S. government is aware that the states that have legalized marijuana will likely target success at the federal level. Nonetheless, President Donald Trump and his people have hinted a cut on trade of cannabis in eight states, which have allowed recreational use of marijuana. Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary of the White House, conveyed that the administration views cannabis use as a federal law’s flagrant violation.

Conflict of opinion on marijuana legalization will likely remain. There are still more stories to be published, studies to prove marijuana’s reliability, and more citizens’ movement prior to cannabis’ total success.

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