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Medical Marijuana Cultivation Site Happening in Washington County

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Site Happening in Washington County

LINCOLN, Ark. – The Medical Marijuana Commission had received many requests for a medical marijuana cultivation site, but only five applications got a license throughout the state.

One of these areas is Lincoln.

The senior planner of Washington County, Nathan Crouch, said that they are becoming progressive. Crouch is one of the Washington County planners who approved the request of a medical cannabis cultivation site in Lincoln.

According to Crouch, he never thought that he would be working on one of these requests, let alone approved it.

The said agricultural site for marijuana will be cultivated in a 1.5-acre land of Native Flower, a nonprofit organization. Washington County is working with Native Flower to turn their blueprints to reality.

Crouch said that the organization has been cooperative with them. When they ask for something, the Native Flower gets it back to Washington County planners. Native Flowers felt that if they built the cannabis cultivation facility away from the community, they would have a better chance of getting in.

However, some locals in Lincoln do not like having a cannabis cultivation site in their town.

Ed McGarrah, a resident in Lincoln, said that he is not scared of new things, but he is opposing this move of the government due to his experience. According to McGarrah, it may be a doorway to harder drugs. He also mentioned that he is not the only one who does not like this idea because many residents also feel the same way.

However, Crouch gave Lincoln residents a definite assurance. He said that they are doing everything to ensure that these marijuana crops do not get into wrong hands.

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In Crouch’s statement, he said that they had created a systematic security plan. They use barometric locks on the entry doors with security codes and thumbprints. They are also planning to install 32 infrared cameras outside the site to enhance security.

These are just the first steps of the many methods that they will deal with. The facility to be used for this medical cannabis cultivation site project must obtain the approval of quorum court as well as the state to get a license. This procedure will take several weeks to a month.