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Identifying the Right Marijuana Plant & Tips to Process it at Home

Marijuana Plant

On a beautiful weekend evening, suddenly you start craving for a shot of marijuana but discover that the entire stock is empty. Heartbreaking? Now imagine if there is not any local marijuana store in the locality & you depend entirely on online stores? It is a common story of many weed lovers. In such kinds of situations, we generally start searching for unethical sources of cannabis. Everybody knows that there is a huge black market of marijuana spread globally & you will surely find someone selling it in the locality. Can you trust whatever they are selling?

Many unethical marijuana sellers adulterate pure cannabis extracts with sedative & addictive synthetic chemicals. Consequently, you become an addict before realizing it. Also, it may cause severe damages to your internal organs such as kidney, liver & intestine.

Now the question is, who will provide you good quality marijuana in such circumstances? The answer is in your locality. Cannabis is a weed that grows abundantly all over the vacant land. However, you may never notice its significance because of the lack of processing knowledge. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some tested life hacks of processing smokable marijuana plant at home instantly. 

Identifying the right Marijuana plant

Before you go further to know the processing details, it is important to identify the right marijuana plant. Cannabis is commonly available in two natural forms in our environment i.e.

In both of these plants, two cannabinoids are abundantly available i.e. 

CBD is a recreational marijuana plant constituent, whereas THC is a pure intoxicant. Sativa is a CBD dominant plant whereas Indica contains more THC. However, there is a slight difference in the percentage of THC in both plants. Therefore you can choose any one that is available in the locality. Sativa is a plant of warm locations with narrow leaves and tall size. On the other hand, Indica plants grow in cold climatic regions where seasons are shorter. The best way to differentiate between them is by leaves. However, you also need to make sure that whether a plant is suitable for processing or not. Here are some tips:- 

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The process to prepare marijuana at home 

Weed dispensaries sell marijuana plant variants produced in laboratories. At home, your kitchen is the laboratory. Also, recipe and ingredients are very common. Here is the list that you need to arrange:- 

  1. An ounce of mature cannabis leaves (Better if seasoned)
  2. A saucepan
  3. Aluminum Foil 
  4. Gas burner 

Once you arrange everything, pluck all the leaves carefully without leaving any part of the stem. Cut a part of aluminum foil or around 30 inches & spread all the leave evenly on your foil & wrap it in square shape without cruising the foil. Make sure that no leave is visible outside while wrapping. Place the pan on a gas burner on low flame & put your foil in it. Now heat up the leaves from both sides by flipping the foil. If the leaves are already seasoned, it takes hardly a minute for the completion of the process.

If you are plucking fresh leaves, they will take around 3-4 minutes. While heating, never increases the flame. Now, turn off the burner, take out your foil. Unwrap it and spread the leaves on the same hot pan (don’t turn on the burner). After a minute or two, the moisture will fade away & you get crispy leaves. Crush them into powder & your homemade weed is ready to consume. Either fill the content in a rolling paper or empty cigarette. You can also consume it with a dry herb vaporizer. 

If you manage to prepare the entire content without burning it, the potency level will be equivalent to high-quality weed available in the dispensary of Orange County.