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British Columbia on the Economic Growth Opportunity of Cannabis

British Columbia on the Economic Growth Opportunity of Cannabis

BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada – British Columbia is one of the parts of the greater Canada that is still very conservative when it comes to issues about the legalization of cannabis. The leaders of three main political parties of British Columbia are very vocal about their campaign. They have also been open about the promotion of craft beer and other natural resources of the region. However, the growing business of the underground marijuana is a sensitive issue.

Other regions of Canada such as Ottawa have already taken a bold move in their steps towards the legalization of marijuana. It is expected that, after all the paper works and regulation that would come after the legalization, marijuana will be declared legal. They are eyeing July 1, 2018, as the launching day for cannabis in Ottawa.

Some residents in B.C. pose some concerns as their political leaders are still not taking any bold move in discussing the fate of the illegal drug. They think that their region is falling behind other parts of Canada and might lose their advantage when all the regions decide to legalize it.

Other business industries such as the BC Green Party also showed interest and support. Their leader, Andrew Weaver, explained that the Cannabis trade should be brought up from the underground industry. According to him, marijuana should be properly regulated and distributed under the monitoring of the government. He also said that his party is open for the support of the small-scale craft growers for marketing opportunities.

British Columbia on the Economic Growth Opportunity of Cannabis

The BC Independent Cannabis Alliance is grateful for the support of the Green Party. To repay the support, they endorsed some Green Party candidates in Vancouver. They also issued a plea addressed to the government to treat the cannabis industry similarly to the craft-beer sector.

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They said that legalizing marijuana could also mean an increase in tax revenue for the economy and more employment opportunity for the people. A concerned pro-cannabis advocate stated that they should consider these advantages. This will help them in deciding to legalize cannabis or even start talking about it finally. They should also start embracing the fact that cannabis might mean a good business to the majority of people.