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Montreal and Others Spot Advantages in Lifting Pot Prohibition

Montreal and Others Spot Advantages in Lifting Pot Prohibition

MONTREAL, CANADA – With major parts of Canada embracing the possibility of legalizing marijuana in the whole country, people slowly see the benefits it has once the pot prohibition is entirely lifted. Although some parts of Canada are still hesitant about the legalization of marijuana, a huge percentage of people are still in favor for fully legalizing it in the future.

It seems that a huge part of Canada is overwhelmed with the practicalities of putting an end to the illegalities of marijuana, and legalizing its possession and usage. An exception, however, goes to the small province of New Brunswick.

Compared to the other members of the Federation, New Brunswick isn’t forcing or pushing for marijuana legalization. In fact, they aren’t asking for federal compensation for the bills the pot legalization might incur. They aren’t also very keen on fighting the legalization of marijuana. Nevertheless, their goal is lying somewhere more viable to them according to the province’s health minister.

Although they believe what the good economic growth of legal marijuana will bring to their revenue, they still have other matters to attend to at the moment.

Montreal and Others Spot Advantages in Lifting Pot Prohibition 1

Meanwhile, Premier Brian Gallant has been fighting for the position of New Brunswick. So, it can get a huge percentage of revenue once Canada becomes a well-regulated marijuana industry. He also thinks that it will be a matter of time now before the eventual cannabis legalization will take place.

Yet, Quebec Public Health Minister has some qualms when it comes to the implementation of the marijuana legalization. Lucie Charlebois, Public Health Minister, thinks that keeping up with the timeline up to the implementation period may become a challenge. This is because different regions impose their complicated pot-related rules and policies. Each region has their set of strategies and programs that might not co-relate to other areas.

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That’s why Charlebois consider the finality of marijuana legalization complicated and might not adhere to the given timeline. He also believes that they don’t have so much time, “so they’ve got to go fast.” They believe in the advantage of the legalization of Marijuana act but time is beating them to execute what has long been planned properly.