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Did Marijuana Legalization Have Benefits or Cause Problems?

Did Marijuana Legalization Have Benefits or Cause Problems?

Washington, D.C. – The legalization of marijuana is slowly being done in different US states. But, is the legalization of the drug really for the better, or sadly, for the worse?

Rapper Kanye West is allegedly suing his tour’s insurer, Lloyd’s of London, for the latter’s refusal to pay for his canceled tours last November. Kanye West canceled his remaining tours due to mental breakdowns. However, Lloyd’s of London blames the breakdown on West’s use of the substance.

So, does marijuana use really causes mental breakdowns, just like the rapper’s insurer claims?

The legalization of marijuana in the US is a somewhat new topic. It was started by California in 1996 when the state legalized cannabis for medical use. Through the years, several states followed suit. Now, 29 states, including Washington, D.C., have legalized cannabis, not only for medical purposes but also for recreational use.

The legalization caused several changes, from the increase of marijuana sales to the rise of professional marijuana healthcare. And while it seems to really help those in the medical industry, the effects of marijuana are still far from being studied exhaustively.

Since its legalization, different universities and hospitals have been funded to study the effects of marijuana. But these studies are not keeping up with the fast legalization process.

Researchers and experts are still having doubts about the claimed benefits of marijuana use. In fact, there are those who warn people who use or wish to use marijuana for anxiety and depression.

Experts are saying that there is a link between depression due to the frequent use of marijuana and the start of the mental disorder known as psychosis. They say that instead of curing mental weakness by using marijuana, it could be that the substance is making it worse. But this could be different for each individual.

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Legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is a major breakthrough. But there are still many things that people need to know about it. Even the experts are not yet that adept in the medical use of marijuana. Who’s to say how the drug can influence an individual who uses it for recreational reasons?

Whether Kanye West’s tour insurance provider is right or not, the use of marijuana, especially its legalization and policies, should be properly handled by the government and law-makers so as to avoid setbacks and loss of life or incomes.