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Marijuana Justice Act and the Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana Justice Act and the Legalization of Marijuana

Washington, D.C. – Legalizing marijuana is becoming a normal trend. Even lawmakers and politicians are now pushing for it. In the US, 29 states, including Washington, D.C., have already legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana.

One of these lawmakers is Democratic Senator Cory Booker. This August, Booker proposed a bill dubbed as the “Marijuana Justice Act.” This bill could have been considered preposterous if I was introduced 10 or 20 years ago, but with the increasing number of states that are legalizing marijuana in recent years, the bill might just become a law.

The Marijuana Justice Act aims to remove marijuana from the list of controlled or prohibited drugs and put an end to the prohibition on weed. Booker said that the prohibition on marijuana caused crimes, arrests, and poverty and it is time to change that.

Aside from marijuana’s removal from the narcotics list, the bill has other proposals. One is the giving of incentives to states for the decrease of prison populations. Another is the removal of records of people who are imprisoned for marijuana violations, and instead, money will be invested for job training programs.

Other lawmakers are supporting this proposal by Booker. One such supporter is Democratic Senator Kamala Harris. The former Attorney General said that many people have been criminalized because of marijuana laws and that it is time to move away from that. She also thinks that researching the effects of marijuana should have been done long ago, if not for the laws controlling and prohibiting it.

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But while there are those who are pro marijuana, there are also people who are against it such as Republican Jeff Sessions, former senator and present Attorney General. There are also those who remain passive about the situation. And whether they may be Democrat or a Republican, they avoid talking about the issue.

Efforts in the study of medicinal marijuana in universities and hospitals are being done, and alongside these studies are various methods that aim to protect marijuana dealers and users.

One thing is for sure: the debate about marijuana is not just another issue, it is considered as a criminal justice reform. Too many people, from different races and social standings, have been imprisoned for marijuana violations. And with the proposal of the Marijuana Justice Act, hopefully, there can be a change for the better.