Home Marijuana Laws Safer Arizona Continues Saga for Marijuana Legalization in Phoenix

Safer Arizona Continues Saga for Marijuana Legalization in Phoenix

Safer Arizona Continues Saga for Marijuana Legalization in Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ – With over half of the fifty states in the US already legalized and decriminalized the possession and usage of marijuana, some still continue to fight for the passing of a bill that will make marijuana use “less” illegal. They urge for the removal of marijuana possession and usage in the list of criminal acts punishable by law.

Arizona is one of the states in the US that remained hesitant in embracing the legalization of marijuana. This paved the way for a group of people called Safer Arizona to act, spread awareness and invoke their advocacies to other people about the benefits of cannabis in both personal and economic status.

The fight for marijuana legalization by Safer Arizona has picked the curiosity of some, but others don’t seem triumphal with what they are representing. Other people who have the same interest in making marijuana legal contradict Safer Arizona as they think that the group can’t influence the decision of the state.

They think that instead of helping, the group can hinder the progress that pro-marijuana advocates have inculcated in the outcome whether to legalize marijuana or not. This is because of split opinions among members.

Safer Arizona Continues Saga for Marijuana Legalization in Phoenix

However, the chairman and spokesperson for Safer Arizona, David Wisniewski, is quick to point out that no split among members has occurred. Furthermore, it was claimed that they remain as stronger and intact in fighting for their cause. He also said that some articles that spread about the conflict among group followers are unfair and unreliable as they are all fighting for the same cause.

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Wisniewski also mentioned that instead of splitting, they are gaining followers and supporters from different areas. In the video he posted on Facebook, he made a statement to rebut the articles that circulated about the misunderstanding. He debunked the rumors that they are getting supports from certification centers, smoke shops, Periphery Company, and dispensaries.

The Safer Arizona chairman also urged the people who support the legalization act to stop creating “us VS them” since they are all in the same boat and fighting the same cause. The post gained mixed reactions from different personalities. Some are commenting that unification is the key to making their advocacies more powerful and louder to hear.

As long as their voice remained unheard by the state, Safer Arizona’s fight for marijuana legalization continues.