Home Crimes Scottsdale Drug Trafficker Identified by Contest Registration Form

Scottsdale Drug Trafficker Identified by Contest Registration Form

Scottsdale Drug Trafficker Identified by Contest Registration Form

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A drug dealer was arrested because of robbing a store. He didn’t know that a simple robbery and a contest ticket registration form would lead to his arrest. Also, all his criminal drug activities have been found out.

When James Michael Leow, together with a woman, walked out from the TJ Maxx Store near Miller and Camelback Roads, an employee of the store confronted him of allegedly stealing some items inside the warehouse. Leow answered the confrontation with a pointed handgun towards the poor employee.

The employee backed off due to fear and saw that Leow and the woman rode a black Honda Civic and left. During the investigation, the officers get a hold of the store’s surveillance camera. They found out that the woman with Leow signed up a contest registration form before leaving the area.

The police retrieved the contest form, and from there they were able to learn the name of the woman. They tried to trace the woman first in her social media account, and after careful investigation, they were able to identify the suspect.

Scottsdale Drug Trafficker Identified by Contest Registration Form

They also saw the gun Leow pointed to the employee as he brags it in his social media account. From thereon, Scottsdale Police Officer followed a tail on Leow. That’s where they found out that he is also involved in series of drug trafficking, particularly in illegal marijuana distribution in the city.

When Leow strikes again at a Marshall Store near the Camelback Road and the 18th street, the police didn’t waste any more time. They wanted to arrest Leow red handed, so the police staged up a fraudulent transaction. When Leow showed up, the police arrested him with meth, cocaine, pot, and heroin on hand.

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Leow was seized and put into prison with a release bond amounting to $125,000. He was filed numerous charges for robbery and drug trafficking. He was also charged with weapons misconduct for using his gun illegally and for robbing a store and threatening someone. However, the most serious charge that the police officer filed against him is his possession of drugs with the intention of selling.