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Huge Cannabis Festival Being Brewed in San Jose Fairgrounds

Huge Cannabis Festival Being Brewed in San Jose Fairgrounds

SAN JOSE, CA – This year will be the busiest year for marijuana. As reported, some states in the US have legalized marijuana late last year up to the early months of this year. People took this reason to celebrate it by planning festivals to commemorate the legalization.

In the greater California in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, a contract has been approved and signed to host a cannabis festival in California. The Del Mar Fairgrounds is the largest in the San Diego County. This festival will be the first festival to be organized in the celebration of the legalization of pot in California.

According to sources, estimates of 6,000 people are expected to attend the September 23 event. The projected attendees vary in culture – not all are pot enthusiasts, some even have not used pot at all.

Regardless, they will attend to celebrate with others and have fun. Because of this, the organizers decided to name the event, the Goodlife Festival.

Huge Cannabis Festival Being Brewed in San Jose Fairgrounds

The organizers of the Goodlife Festival said that they wish to attract people. It is not to encourage them to use pot but to show them how to have fun and live a good life. This event also commemorates the 4th of July among marijuana users and enthusiasts.

Although everyone is invited to join, the attendance will be limited to ages 21 and above. They will also impose rules and regulations to adhere to the government-mandated policies enclosed in the legalization of marijuana act.

Another restriction that will be heavily imposed is the selling of marijuana during the event. Organizers pointed out that “no sale, sampling or gifting of pot will be allowed.” If they want to smoke a joiner, they can bring their own and be used in some designated areas.

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However, cannabidiol and hemp will be allowed to be sold in the event. Cannabidiol and hemp are a weaker substitute for cannabis that lacks tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance is a psychoactive element present in regular marijuana and the object of desire of most pot users.

This is the new dawn, and this festival has been what people are waiting for to have fun and enjoy a good life.