Home Business Growing Feud in Santa Rosa (CA) Cannabis Business in Details

Growing Feud in Santa Rosa (CA) Cannabis Business in Details

Growing Feud in Santa Rosa (CA) Cannabis Business in Details

SANTA ROSA, CASanta Rosa focuses on the companies involved in cannabis now that the sought-after drug has been legalized in the state of California. The city of Santa Rosa and its business-minded residents have only two priorities in mind. These priorities include building a vast empire of new housing or engaging in the real estate and marijuana business.

However, with these two top priorities of the business-minded folks of Santa Rosa, a feud has ensued. Marijuana business can mean growing your pot in a land that you either lease or own. On the other hand, farming marijuana can also mean occupying a huge part of the area to make room for the plants to grow.

Marijuana business

This is the problem being faced by the real estate developers. Due to the legalization of marijuana, they have a sudden strong competitor in the land industry.

Another concern is that they can’t develop the land if there’s a marijuana plantation nearby. This is because the market for people who will buy the house will drop significantly.

This problem occurs when a company is planning to grow cannabis plant inside an industrial building to be used in medical studies. There has been an uproar when residents who live nearby protested about the health results of growing marijuana.

Another company who plans to put up a housing development near the Railroad Square Station also reacted. They think this would hinder the city’s long-term plans for building high-density housing.

Rick Deringer, a housing developer, stated strong opinions about his views on the subject. He said that “allowing a cannabis business in their area is considered an abysmal idea.” He also stresses that the marijuana industry being put up is opposing the original plan of the government to transition the industrial area to a residential one over time.

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True to that sense, housing projects and marijuana business can’t work hand in hand. These two are totally opposing projects that can cause significant damages to each other if allowed to work together. It is up to the city government to decide on what would be the best outcome not just for the businesses but the people of Santa Rosa.