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Chicago Violent Crimes: Marijuana and the Effects It has to Juveniles

Chicago Violent Crimes Marijuana and the Effects It has to Juveniles

CHICAGO – On May 13, there were two reported violent crimes made by juveniles. The first one was spotted and charged with illegal possession of marijuana oil placed inside an e-cig (electronic cigarette). He was a student at Lyons Township High School.

Another incident has a more serious crime though. Diego Garcia-Cordero, a 16-year old studying in Palatine High School Chicago as a sophomore student, shot and wounded two individuals near his school. He was arrested for aggravated battery and three counts of attempted murder to the first degree using a firearm. Three teens were his target, and two of them were gravely wounded. He is currently held in prison with a huge $2 million bail.

Using a nearby Wal-Mart surveillance video, he was seen wearing a black Chicago Bears hat and a black hoodie moving in and out of the area before and after the shooting incident. This was also backed up by witnesses that also were studying at said school.

When asked to recount the events, two students had cut school to smoke a cannabis joint. One of them was joined by their cousin and went to East Randville Drive. They stayed there for awhile.One of them was standing beside a wall and the remaining two were sitting on an electrical green box. They then decided to go back to school and found Diego Garcia-Cordero with two other students that also cut school that day.

Marijuana and the Effects

One of the teens included in the first group is part of a gang called Four Corner Hustlers and taunted Garcia-Cordero, making him angry as he pulled out his gun. He started firing towards the three. One of them ducked behind the green electrical transformer, but the other two were not able to do so.

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The first victim had his leg was shot but was already released the same day. The second victim was not that lucky. He was shot numerous times in his leg and suffered several fractures, which resulted in surgery.

After the incident, everyone retreated away from the scene and hurried over to their school. Once the incident was reported, the school let their students stay inside the school until all those involved were identified and interviewed.

Mr. Garcia-Cordero has a court scheduled this upcoming Tuesday.