Home Crimes Montana Woman Charged With Illegal Possession of Dangerous Drug

Montana Woman Charged With Illegal Possession of Dangerous Drug

Montana Woman Charged With Illegal Possession of Dangerous Drug

HELENA, MO – A woman has been found to have illicit drugs in possession when the police pulled over her car for having a fake license.

The police investigating grew suspicious when the suspect, Christina Marie Westcott, 33, from East Helena, suddenly acted nervous and fidgety. The vehicle was seized, and a search warrant was obtained by police officers to conduct a thorough search of the car.

It was then that the policemen found syringes, straws, rolling papers, and small bags containing approximately 8 grams of methamphetamine and 15 grams of marijuana. Another bag is found with white residues and was sent to the laboratory to confirm the name of the white substance.

The vehicle used is also the suspected car the Missouri River Task Force is investigating. They did a covert operation by making a controlled purchase of the car. However, they are not certain whether it was Westcott who sold them the drugs. Reports say that she has been using the same car when the operation took place.

Montana Woman Charged With Illegal Possession of Dangerous Drug

Wescott is facing felonies for possessing illegal drugs with the intent to distribute both the methamphetamine and marijuana. She is also suspected to have been using dangerous drugs considering the paraphernalia found. She can face misdemeanor due to this added information.

The state of Montana is part of the less than half of the states in the US where marijuana use for recreational activity is still illegal. Marijuana is also part of the most dangerous drug in the Montana law.

Montana is also one of the states that haven’t completely embraced marijuana for recreational activities. In fact, their strict implementations and punishments to those who will be found guilty of using or possessing marijuana have been very controversial. Although, a generous amount of marijuana usage is permitted only for medical purposes.

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Reports say that advocates of marijuana still fight the legalization of pot usage for recreational activities. Though, it might seem that there is still a majority of people who strongly oppose it due to social indifference and personal reasons. Up until now, marijuana is still basically illegal and serious consequences will be imposed to the proven guilty.