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Quick Look at the News: Cannabis in the Big Apple, New York

Quick Look at the News - Cannabis in the Big Apple, New York

NEW YORK- On May 13, 2017, two major news stories had a huge impact about marijuana in New York City. First on the list is President Donald Trump’s concentrated effort on people who uses small-time prohibited drug use such as marijuana. The previous law of New York City states that you’ll only get a police ticket when you’re captured with the use or possession of minute amounts of cannabis.

But now, USA Attorney-General Jeff Sessions mentioned that the drug law is stricter in the national level. If one can be found guilty, they can be prosecuted at the maximum level. This is the opposite of what the Obama administration adhered, where they emphasized more on violent drug crimes rather than the passive ones.

Just a quick reminder for those who does not know, only eight states are allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes. On the other hand, 20 states permit the usage of marijuana for medical use only. In the federal level, marijuana practice is prohibited. This means that the people in uniform would have to be active in checking for anyone that uses or possesses marijuana, even the small-time users.

It’s no wonder that a Long Island resident and School Board Member was caught and arrested for marijuana possession. Melissa Figueroa, which is currently a school board member, is applying as a candidate for the re-election next Tuesday. She is said to be competing with two other candidates for the same position.

Quick Look at the News - Cannabis in the Big Apple, New York

Ms. Figueroa is a part of the Hempstead school board. This incident was reported last Thursday night, after a board meeting that took place two hours before. While driving in Lynbrook, Ms. Figueroa was seen violating a driving rule which was driving without a seat belt. She was flagged down by a police officer, and the smell of the marijuana made the officer investigate further.

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Upon a thorough search, they found a recently smoked marijuana cigarette. She is currently being charged with “unlawful marijuana possession.” The woman, however, vehemently declines it was her and states it was a setup. For now, her court due date is on June 15.