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Portland Attorney General Jeff Sessions Urges Strict Drug Penalties

Portland Attorney General Jeff Sessions Urges Strict Drug Penalties

PORTLAND, OR – A plea of implementing stricter and more serious charges involving drugs have been appealed. The charges will be filed against those suspects that are proven guilty of either possession or usage of dangerous drug offenses.

This plea is being called by US Attorney General Jeff Session directed to federal prosecutors all over the country.

Although marijuana is already considered legal in the state of Oregon, it still doesn’t slip through Sessions’ eyes. He also included it in the list of what he prospected as a powerful drug.

However, Senator Floyd Prozanski of Eugene quickly pointed out that Sessions’ appeal is not clear if marijuana is included in what he refers to as part of the stronger drug and subject for stricter penalties. He assumed that the Attorney General might be referring to other potent drugs such as heroin, opioids or methamphetamine. These drugs are until now considered illegal in possession.

Prozanski also criticized the fact that the government administration “doesn’t have a path or a road map on where to go in their implementations of stricter penalties on drugs.” He also defended what the Attorney General said as he is just protecting the state and the state rights.

Portland Attorney General Jeff Sessions Urges Strict Drug Penalties 1

People reacted to Sessions’ demands, thinking that marijuana is being fought in other states to be decriminalized or legalized. Thus, why is marijuana a part of the drugs considered by Session to post serious threats and must be penalized heavily?

Prozanski, on the other hand, understands the qualms of the people and said that there’s no clear indication marijuana a part of Sessions’ wrath.

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Prozanski is not against the marijuana legalization, in fact, he passed an Oregon bill that blocks marijuana dispensaries in sharing information of customers. This is to protect them from the prosecution not from the government but the judgmental nature of other people.

Right now, Prozanksi is helping to pass a bill that would label cannabis dispensaries as medical instead.

Sessions’ words are just a fair warning that the government is taking their fight against drugs seriously. He believes that the only way to regulate drugs usage is by regulating it and implementing more serious drug penalties after regulation.


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