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Bethlehem Township Has a New Marijuana Dispensary

Bethlehem Township Has a New Marijuana Dispensary

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA – Pennsylvania forbids the use of marijuana, which is derived from the Cannabis plant, in either flower or leaf form. The state only allows the use of cannabis in a processed from such as liquids, pills, vaporization, or topical ointments.

Moreover, the state is strict when it comes to implementing the law on medical marijuana. The patient must have an illness which is under the approved marijuana medication. The patient must also have a prescription from a doctor who is certified by the state.

For this reason, an online dispensary is a necessity to make acquiring medicinal marijuana easier. Last Monday night, GuadCo LLC received the state’s approval for its targeted facility to be established in Bethlehem Township. It finally received the longed for Pennsylvania license to dispense cannabis for medical purposes.

Bethlehem Township Has a New Marijuana Dispensary

GuadCo LLC is expecting to receive the license by the end of the month for its Keystone Canna Remedies. The commissioners of the Bethlehem Township voted 3-0, approving the licensure of Keystone Canna Remedies under the Bethlehem Township laws.

Before GuadCo LLC gained the Township’s approval, Mr. Victor Guadagnino and his lawyer, Gary Asteak, had to face a public hearing and discuss their proposal before the commissioners. They also had to address various concerns from people who could be affected by the construction of the marijuana dispensary.

One of the most notable persons among these commissioners was Maria Cintron. Cintron owns Bikram Yoga Lehigh Valley, which is in close proximity to the proposed location of the dispensary. Cintron’s concern was about the opinions and plans of her clients.

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According to her, at least 75% to 80% of her clients are planning to move their business elsewhere because of the planned establishment of the dispensary. Citron could stand to lose all her invested money for her business, which is a place of health and wellness. However, the owners of the dispensary tried to address Cintron’s issue after the commissioners’ vote.

The establishment’s principal, Mr. Victor Guadagnino Jr., expects the opening of the dispensary to be in first quarter of 2018. The dispensary will be built on a 4,726 sq. ft. piece of land. He, his father, Dr. Victor Guadagnino Sr., and his aunt Joan Guadagnino will be partnering for this establishment. Together, they are planning to provide a non-profit establishment to help those people who have neurodegenerative disorder ataxia.

Even though the dispensary has been approved, it is still expected to adhere to the laws of the state regarding the operation of a medical marijuana dispensary. The proposed dispensary’s operation will be limited from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It will also be under 24-hour surveillance. In addition to that, a motion sensor will be installed on the roof of the establishment.

The deliveries from the cannabis grower or processor will be delivered to the loading area at the rear part of the dispensary. The goods will then be sent into the vault and sealed. The patients are the ones who will open the goods after they have left the premises.

There will be a mantrap security door where the patients will enter to receive their medication. The outer door must be fully closed before security allows the patient to enter the lobby and approach the consultation room.