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City of Pennsylvania To Consider Marijuana Legalization

Pennsylvania To Consider Marijuana Legalization

legalizing marijuana, marijuana deals, marijuana legalization, marijuana plantsPennsylvania, PHL –Philadelphia Mayor says the state should consider marijuana legalization, so police don’t have to spend resources on raids like the one in his city over the weekend.

Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney said that Saturday’s bust at a warehouse holding a pot-smoking session might be an “overkill.” Police arrested a total of 22 people and detained above 50 pounds of marijuana. About 175 people were permitted to leave with no charges, according to The Associated Press.

Mayor Kenney says he knows the reason why police busted the pot session, quoting the amount of marijuana seized and the possibly dangerous conditions in the construction. However, the mayor emphasized that legalizing marijuana is the only real solution.

Several drug busts were conducted in the state over the years. In 2014, the city also got small quantities of the aforementioned drug that was only punishable by a fine and a citation.

Despite this, marijuana deals weren’t decriminalized and earlier this year, police also busted 100 mature marijuana plants illegally grown in the state.

But the mayor isn’t the first and only one to make this bold statement about marijuana legalization.

In 2016, Pennsylvania also opens the idea of legalizing marijuana but only for medical purposes. Many advocates laid their support on the said bill, but opponents also warned them that this might become the gateway to decriminalizing drugs.

To resolve this major glitch to the first legal medical cannabis bill, proponents laid 17 qualifying conditions for persons to avail legalized marijuana. Hence, the said drug was only made available for patients suffering from any of those said conditions.

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So, those who want to smoke weed for recreation will still have to face legal repercussions. This means that any use of the mentioned drug outside the legal medical practice which the state has approved of will still be confronted with legal punishments.

Now, Mayor Kenney is once again opening the idea of marijuana legalization to the whole state to fix Pennsylvania’s problem of drug raids.

He says this is the one solution he could think of to save police resources from being wasted on drug busts.