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Synthetic Marijuana, “Serenity” Upsurges in City’s Homeless People

Synthetic Marijuana, “Serenity” Upsurges in City’s Homeless People

FAYETTE COUNTY, Pa. – Lexington firefighters and police officials went to the Phoenix Park located in the inner-city Lexington right after receiving information of people overdosing on March 28.

Three persons were sent to the nearest hospital for synthetic drug overdose that has gradually become prevalent with homeless people in the city.

Synthetic marijuana or more identified as serenity has been up for quite a while, however Lexington officials observed an increase in the substance’s use and a sum of persons overdosing over the past year. Serenity is a chemical compound produced to affect similar portions of the human brain as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the chief mind-altering component of cannabis.

Synthetic Marijuana, “Serenity” Upsurges in City’s Homeless People

“It’s inexpensive to make, effortlessly made, it causes visions, fear, some nervousness,” Sgt. Jervis Middleton of the Lexington Police said. “You often see folks undress themselves, and typically when they are mesmerized, they don’t recall anything they did.”

This product contains psychological effects like marijuana, and it causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, as per the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

People who use serenity may experience “standing stupor” or the inability to think straight for a while, or during orse cases, begin vomiting and convulsing, says Howard Florence, a local officer. Florence is situated in the entertainment district in downtown, where some synthetic marijuana overdoses were prevalent. Aside from the Phoenix Park incident on March 28, fire and police officers were summoned to locations where synthetic marijuana overdose have occurred, Florence said.

The surge in a number of persons who use serenity began about 9 months ago, says  the acting director of the New Life Day Center, Steve Polston.

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“There was a upsurge that hit – and it came out of nowhere – we did not expect it,” Polston said.

This substance appeared to be all over the place.

“It was strong and frightening,”Polston said.

“Persons who use the substance experience mild or violent seizures,” he added.

Polston said synthetic marijuana’s health effects are very critical, the shelter has to partner up with the local officials. The workers in the shelter have assisted in tracking down identified synthetic marijuana trader. The officers went on a drug bust. Many drug dealers were detained.

Since then, the number of users New Life has seen have narrowed.

“That does not mean that the issue is not gone, it just went to another palce”, Polston said.