Home Crimes Seattle Police District Cop Slash Marijuana Dealer Got Caught

Seattle Police District Cop Slash Marijuana Dealer Got Caught

Seattle Police District Cop Slash Marijuana Dealer Got Caught

SEATTLE, WA – A police officer from the Seattle Police District has been found to have been exporting cannabis via his RV to the east coast. A real life re-enactment of the film “We are the Millers” had occurred when SPD officer Alex Chapackdee was caught with an RV full of marijuana.

Chapackdee, who has been with the service for 16 years, was arrested on April 29 and put immediately on administrative leave without pay following his arrest.

According to the investigation reports, the FBI has been monitoring the actions of Chapackdee since they were tipped off about the police officer’s drug involvement. The FBI has been tracking the trips Chapackdee made to and from Seattle and checking the details of each trip.

After confirming that Chapackdee was indeed involved in the distribution of drugs on the East Coast, investigators filed and was approved a search warrant to search the cop’s home and the alleged RV used in transferring the drugs.

Seattle Police District Cop Slash Marijuana Dealer Got Caught

The FBI seized 184-pounds of pot inside the RV stating in the reports that this is all that’s left after the cop dropped off delivery to his alleged customers in Maryland and Virginia.

Chapackdee will face charges, together with his brother-in-law, nephew, and a fourth man namely, Tuan Van Le, Phi Nguyen, and Samath Khanhphongphane, respectively. The FBI also said that the cop has been using his position to further his career as a drug-smuggler and in other criminal activities.

Reports gathered from court documents revealed that Chapackdee gets a staggering $15,000 for every successful delivery of marijuana in Baltimore. The surveillance reports conducted by the FBI also shows that he successfully made four trips; with each trip taking only a couple of days to complete. He only stops for gas and food because he can’t let his precious cargo be left unattended for extended periods of time.

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Chapackdee is facing a mandatory minimum of five years in prison if found guilty. Meanwhile, SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole expressed disappointment and disgrace over the conduct of one of her police officers and said during an interview that what happened proves that they don’t, and won’t, tolerate corrupt cops.