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Washington’s New Marijuana Laws

Washington’s New Marijuana Laws

WASHINGTON – There’s going to be a change in Washington’s marijuana laws come June 23. Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Senate Bill 5131 last May, and the changes in the moratorium provide more leniencies to some of the laws. However, there are also some stricter rules that will be implement, especially concerning businesses selling and advertising marijuana based products.

The Senate Bill was passed on April 20 and garnered a vote of 44-5 from the Senate and 63-33 from the House.

Here are some of the changes in the law that will take effect on July 23, 2017:

  • The licensees are now required to disclose their contracts to the Liquor and Marijuana Board (LCB)

This is bad news for license holders because the LCB is now going to interfere and examine every licensee’s contract. Before, the license holders and their sellers were using service agreements like IP licensing to work around existing ownership and funding restrictions. The implementation of Senate Bill 5131 will require all the license holders to submit all their contracts before the contracts take into effect. Furthermore, the LCB has the right to approve and reject those contracts.

Washington’s New Marijuana Laws

  • Sharing weed is now legal

As long as it is free and you are 21 years old or older, you may now share your weed with another adult. You are allowed to share up to 8 oz. of infused edible solid cannabis, one-half ounce of marijuana flowers, 3 ½ g of concentrated marijuana, or 36 oz. of infused liquid. However, the goods must be delivered in its original packaging if you want to share it in public.

  • Advertisement to minors is illegal or to any places where minors frequently visit
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The advertisement for marijuana is now stricter. Selling cannabis goods or advertising them must be done at least 1000 ft. away from places where most minors are, such as schools. Because the advertisement of cannabis goods to children is illegal, using media to promote them is impossible.

In addition, sellers are prohibited from promoting their marijuana-based products using vehicles, mascots, and toys. They are also not allowed to advertise to tourists in Washington.

Cannabis sellers are only allowed to market their products to adults who are 21 years old or older and in places that  only adults frequently visit. Only cannabis retailers can have the license to use a billboard to promote their company. However, only minimal information is allowed to be included in the billboard such as the name, nature of the business, and their location.

  • Medical marijuana patients can now buy goods directly from the producers

Patients are now allowed to directly buy their goods from the producers as long as they are medical marijuana card holders. Before, patients were only allowed to buy from dispensaries and the producers would collectively sell their goods to these dispensaries.

  • You can now own up to five retail marijuana stores

The breakdown on the priority system on retailers who can get their retail license is now abolished. Before, a retailer could only own up to three outlets. However, these retailers may now own up to five retail outlets. They also now have the right to purchase other retailers and change their brand name.